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It Professional Recently moved to Edmonton,Alberta from India &finding jobs

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Optimize your resume keywords or your LinkedIn profile against job descriptions.

This is a very good site, which shows how your resume matches with the keywords in the job description. It will show 80 % match or 75 % match or whatever. The higher the better.


Sometimes the companies use something called ATS - Applicant Tracking System, which automatically scans your resume, when you apply for a job and rejects the resume based on whether it matches the job description or not.

NO human eye sees your resume in the initial stages, only the ATS does. The resumes selected by the ATS then go to the hiring or HR manager for further manual review.

Some HR managers are stupid the set the filters for the ATS system really high, so lot of good resumes also get rejected by the ATS. Then these same fools sit and complain that they are NOT getting good resumes or applicants for the job.

If only these HR fools did their job properly, qualified applicants wouldn't have to go through all this BS.

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fake your resume
Further to the good comments given, you can fake your resume saying that you have a masters here and that you have worked for 3 or 4 years in canada.
take your india projects and say that you did it in canada.

for $ 20 an hour IT job no one checks your employers. they only check references who can be your friends and you can tip them off.

i have done the same 10 years back to get me an interview after my resume passed HR checks due to my non existant canada degree. at worst you might be black listed by that company alone


I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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