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The Diamonds

I wish to compare all of the new comers into canada to a diamond in the rough. The reason being, they all have stood up and helped others in their own way and currently shine bright like a diamond. Now we enter into...

The age of Prosperity.

Why the Albatross ..

Nothing symbolizes this pioneering spirit like that of the albatross. These birds travel very long distances around the world, undauntedly, all while maintaining a special connection to their place of birth.

Their life is a journey worthy of noting and comparison. Being constantly on the move, albatrosses use their formidable wingspan to cross oceans and fly for hours without rest. When they do land, they do behave like sociable creatures that enjoy the company of others.

Like all of the desi's here, Albatrosses also have to face the challenges of an itinerant lifestyle. Take offs and landings can be difficult, often lead to small injuries and when arriving at a newer location somewhere, they heal themselves and fell and look new.

We all got into a new country. But it is new no more. We, who landed here earlier on have done a lot of spade work and it is worthy of report and deserves to get noticed. It has been an extra-ordinary journey and we did pave the way for others here and stayed and made it their own and like wise clear the way now for the others for an easier life.

When you see the terrain and the quality of people who have migrated into Canada, we feel that they all are shining a light for all of the new comers, like a beacon and their quality and the luster can only be compared to a diamond.

So, where did they all start and when they did, they were Rough and they also had to also rough their way here and they did get honed here and few by themselves to shine as one. A hard task and deserves to be noted. I want to say that they were the diamonds in the rough.

Now, how did they accomplish all of this in a short span of time. They accomplished because they were able to adjust to the Canadian way of life and also they were Multifaceted and rendered themselves to be able to become one. Now they all stand up and shine, bright like a diamond. I admire this quality.

Having said that, how come people who land here with such good and high qualifications, are facing a lot of hardship in locating suitable employment and get into low level work force and get back to the basics? This factor needs to get analyzed and after finding a proper solution, we can surely remedy it and get all of the next batch of new comers into a different class by themselves.

How do I propose to accomplish this, is through a team of good and solid personnel who can come forward and help do it gradually and lay the foundation first and the cornerstone to define, and a stepping stone to provide and boost entries into such a huge gargantuan project and I can only see the tip of it but know not how I can do it without the help of all of you.

Will the year 2018 provide us with the start of a NEW ERA, needs to get analyzed first. When we accomplish this, we will be on our way into hard work that is looming in front of us. Would all those people who are enterprising and are able to throw in their free time into such a huge project get back to me with their PM to give me a helping hand? If they surely can, I will thank them here first and personally afterwards.

All of this is made possible and a lot easier with the current technology and so, let us move forward into the Age of Prosperity.

Thank you and with kind regards.


Full House

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Post ID: 236351 09-12-17 22:43:24
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