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Shopping and kids activities across the border

hello Canadian desi group,

I am looking for suggestions for a cross border shopping trip, with some activities for kids nearby, such as water parks or amusement parks.

within 3 - 4 hrs. drive at the most, so New York, Pennsylvania, maybe Ohio but no more than 4 hrs. drive.

I have been to Buffalo for shopping but there is no amusement nearby.

I have heard of Grove City, but is there anything else to do around there?

thanks in advance.


Member since: Aug 09
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Post ID: 237165 11-07-18 13:28:20
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 05

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Location: Woodbridge

Been to both, highly recommend 2-3 days stay.

Good luck.


Post ID: 237166 12-07-18 14:09:15
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 06

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Location: Mississauaga

Good place to visit - water park splash lagoon.

Nice indoor water park - it is bigger than falls view water park. We had been there for two times and really enjoyed our stayed at Splash Lagoon. By the tickets from Piece bridge duty free shop. it will be cheaper then buying from Splash lagoon website.

Last long weekend, I was at Darian lake, one day trip is enough for Darian lake. It is mini version of Wonderland.

Wag Jag is offering ($15 CAD) entry for one day at Darian Lake.

all the best...

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Post ID: 237167 12-07-18 14:54:13
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Senior Desi
Member since: Sep 17

Posts: 148

Shopping is not worth it any more in US, due low exchange rate of CAD dollar.

Plus due to NAFTA war, which has started the low level low class racist CBSA border guards are very strict about HST, Customs duties, taxes etc.

Even if you have a duty free limit, the racist CBSA morons love to harass non white Canadian shoppers, when they come back to the border.

Post ID: 237168 12-07-18 15:38:06
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Senior Desi
Member since: Apr 08

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Location: Niagara Falls

Hershey park / Chocolate world - Pennsylvania - good option for kids as well as adults...recommend to stay at Hershey lodge or somewhere outside...

Post ID: 237171 13-07-18 10:54:23
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Member since: Aug 09

Posts: 93

thanks everyone for the suggestions.
what about shopping?

what are the major outlet shopping options across the border within 3 - 4 hrs. drive?
have heard of Grove City, PA but never been there.

i have been to all the shopping outlets near Buffalo and Niagara Falls, US so want to check out some new options.

thanks in advance.

Post ID: 237172 16-07-18 09:38:31
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