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Cheap data plan for kids

I am looking for a data plan for my daughter. She is in grade 8. At present she has "prepaid" rogers plan with unlimited texting.

Any suggestions are most welcome!


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Full House
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INTERNET in its infancy.

Some of the ISP's that provide UNLIMITED Service have HOTSPOTS all over town. If you are logged into them and travel in School Buses and or visit Libraries or Schools, the service is seamless. There may be Black holes in a few areas that they are unable to provide the required services. By now, everyone knows all of these, so also the school kids. If you also have the STICK to supplement, then, you can access the same on bigger handheld machines too. It will be well worth your time and money in finding out how to switch over from one service to the other if the need arises or find out how it can be achieved automatically without incurring the additional charges.

All of this will be a feature that will pop up as TOTAL Services as time progresses. These are the trying times we experiencer the teething troubles.

Hope this helps.

EDIT.: OCT 23rd, 2018.
What is Oligopoly? Joking! It is a term that gets bandied about here in our responses and I also find it amusing. But it shuts me up and I get to know that my back is now squarely fixed upto a stone wall and there is no room to wiggle. So, there you have it. Now, please read the following and get to know it in depth.

Why Unlimited Data Plans in Canada Will Never Happen, Explain Rogers and Bell

In a recent CBC News article that questions why Canada doesnt have unlimited data plans, unlike our neighbours down south, where the five largest wireless playersAT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellularall offer plans with unlimited data.

CBC News asked the Big 3 TELECOMs for their comment as to why there arent any unlimited data plans in Canada. Their explanations on why you cant get unlimited data may help you sleep better at night.

Bell told the CBC there are already numerous plans with generous amounts of wireless data, and also explained how the usage-based approach is required to pay for tremendous costs needed to expand their high speed networks nationwide, plus also cope with the surge in mobile data use. {Now you know that this so called "GENEROUS DATA" costs you a TREMONDOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY"}

Rogers spokesperson Andrew Garas emailed CBC News to say, It just isnt feasible to offer unlimited plans, while also noting the company has numerous tools for customers to manage and monitor their data usage.

Telus did not respond to the CBCs request for comment.
CBC News said the closest unlimited data plan they could find was from MTS, a $75 per month plan with 15GB of high speed data, then throttled after the latter limit is reached. But this option may be jeopardy with Bell recently finalizing their acquisition of MTS thanks to regulatory approvals.

Last year, Rogers and Bell provided similar statements to CBC News, when consumer group OpenMedia was advocating for unlimited and affordable wireless plans. Rogers said at the time The network capacity isnt there and it would weaken performance for everyone, while Bell said the network-based approach was by far the most economical for most customers.

Years ago, when the Conservative government was in power, they noted in 2008, Canadas incumbents held 97% of wireless airwaves in an ad blitz against the Big 3. While those numbers may have slightly changed today, theres no questioning Rogers, Telus and Bell still hold an iron clad grip on the wireless market in Canada, in what has been called an oligopoly by some, including Canadas Competition Bureau, in a recent interview with BNN (thanks


Originally posted by smiley1

I am looking for a data plan for my daughter. She is in grade 8. At present she has "prepaid" rogers plan with unlimited texting.

Any suggestions are most welcome!

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I use Koodo for my child - i got it for 30$ unlimited voice / text, 1 GB data - son still not happy - i guess it is the data part.
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Check with Freedom mobile.

Recently, we got very good deal two months ago. Friends & Family 35% Off Back to School offer.

Plan is amazing:

Home Network
Data: 10GB full-speed data
Talk: Unlimited Canada-wide calling
Text: Unlimited global text, picture and video messaging

Away Canada Network
Data: 1GB full-speed data
Talk: Unlimited Canada-wide calling
Text: Unlimited global text

phone was offered for $0 down with a minimum plan of $60 per month and we got the 35% discount life time, so our plan is $37.50+ taxes... We trade in old not working Nokia phone and they gave us $160 trade in value.

Phone tab : Samsung S9 - $10/month for two years
Iphone 8 : $15/month for two years.

so far very happy with plan and service.

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Freedom Mobile is a hit or miss type of thing. Some people just love it, while others are not happy with the service. I guess it all depends on your location.

The 35% discount is no longer being offered. recently FM offered a 25% discount but the min. plan cost has to be $60, whereas previously it was $40.

From time to time different stores offer the 25% discount, but they don't advertise. It goes by word of mouth. This past weekend, STC & Gerrard Square Mall locations were offering the 25% discount.

Reiki Grand Master

Post ID: 237309 22-10-18 09:08:53
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