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PIO to OCI conversion in 2019


I am travelling to India by May 2019. I am too late to this party that PIO is no longer valid, but extended until March 2019.

I got the PIO card only around 2014 or something, went through a lot of hassle to get that.

I am very annoyed to know that we have to convert PIO to OCI now.

Can someone help me with this process, in BLS Toronto.

From what I understand, I have to submit an online application and then print it out and immediately take it to BLS the same week?

After submitting the online application, when should I go to BLS in Toronto?

The people that went to CGI Toronto, do they still do the life time valid stamp in 2019?

What happens if I never convert and simply take the PIO with me on May 2019 while travelling to India.

Please advise.


Junior Desi
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Junior Desi
Member since: Jan 19

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Post ID: 237494 30-01-19 17:29:56
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Senior Desi
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PIO to OCI conversion or even a brand new OCI takes about 2 months start to finish. So go for it right now, don't delay.

Whatever you do, don't travel on a PIO after the date you mentioned that they are invalid as the PIO won't be accepted or machine readable after that date.

Post ID: 237498 31-01-19 09:18:48
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