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Lost Passport & PR Card

My parents left 2 weeks ago JUST AFTER applying for renewal of PR card (which has to be done from with in Canada). The current wait times for PR Renewal is 50 days. Expected to come by 15th April & then transported to them by hand.

Unfortunately in India they have discovered they are missing their Indian Passports & current PR Cards (due to expire in Aug / Oct 2019). They probably lost it at the Airport in India.

We need to file an FIR for Passport loss and apply for a reissue .

Q related to PR is -

PR Card - Should we apply for a re issue of the current lost ones or simply wait for the renewed ones ? They are flexible with next travel and no urgency.

My contradicting thoughts are as follows :

1. We should intimate the Canadian Authorities of the loss and apply for a re issue . Hopefully it should not jeopardize the current Passport renewal application.


2. Since there s already a renewal application in process , wait for the new PR Cards and use them along with the new Passports.

Please recommend an option


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Best to wait for the new PR to come in the mail, and not inform them about the lost PR.

You are just suppose to self destroy the old PR card by cutting it in half yourself, when the new PR card comes in. You don't have to surrender the old PR card or anything.

The only problem that can occur is if someone tries to misuse the old lost PR card, if they find it. Even then you can claim innocence and lie that you had no idea it was lost or stolen.

So up to you if you want to take the chance that no one finds the old PR card and tries to misuse it :(. Very unlikely anyone will do that but a very remote possibility exists.

Post ID: 237584 06-03-19 17:56:20
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Thanks Mitron.

Post ID: 237597 08-03-19 11:51:31
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