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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Fence Around A House?

If you want to add security, privacy and style to your home, you might be curious about what it’d cost to build or repair a fence around your yard.

Like home improvement projects, the cost to build or repair a fence depends on the total amount of fencing you need for your building. Unlike other projects, however, a new fence can’t necessarily add a ton of value to your house – but it can certainly be worth the money in terms of practical benefits. If you are still unsure about adding one around your yard, this guide on how much you could expect to pay may be useful in helping you to decide.

How much does a fence cost?

The cost of installing a fence varies depending on a range of factors:
The material used to make the fence
The height and length of the fence
The soil type it’s being built on
The fence’s foundations
Whether you need to remove an old fence
Whether you need gates installed
Saving Money on Your Fence Installation
Before getting a new fence for your yard, make sure to check your homeowner’s insurance first. Apart from this, you can follow these things to reduce the costs of your fence install:

Choose simple gates, locks, and other elements
Do some or the entire project yourself
Choose a lower-height fence or cheaper materials
Build your fence in the winter as this time professional installer’s demand is low
Finally, if you’re having the fence professionally installed, make sure you get a warranty for both materials and labor. This can help you cover any damage or repairs needed to down the line.

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