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Sumeet Mixie

Hi All,
We Ordered a Sumeet Mixie from Toronto around a month back but not yet delivered does anyone Know these people who are running the branch in Toronto?
Every time we call them they tell it will be in by Tuesay then Friday....
Any thoughts or experience will really help.......


Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 04
Posts: 10
Location: Calgary

Post ID: 19057 07-07-04 13:28:56
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Garvo GujaratiMember of Administrators
Member since: Nov 01

Posts: 3084

I move your thread to shopping.

Please make sure to put it under proper category.

I am not sure, but Sumeet doesn't ship anything to Canada for long time. I heard that when we were trying to buy one about a year ago.

You have to choose another one instead. I bought one called Butterfly and it is not bad.

A Proud Indian Canadian

Post ID: 19062 07-07-04 13:47:05
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Desi # 1
Senior Desi
Member since: Dec 03

Posts: 1420
Location: Mississauga

I bought it last month from Samy & Co at Elsemere and Kennedy, North West Corner.

It is pure luck, as I was also waiting for it and one day I just stepped in to check and stock had arrived a day earlier.

I told my friend who went after a week, there was none left. The guy had 200 in stock. All sold in four days.

The distributor office is at Warden and Denison, check at Sumeet website you will find their phone #, they provide accurate information

Post ID: 19073 07-07-04 14:38:37
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Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 04

Posts: 10
Location: Calgary

sumeet mixie
Thanks GG for moving the thread to shopping, I will keep it in mind to look for the right place next time.

Hey #1,
I was always in touch with them on the phone but was not sure how good they are at what they do?
Thanks anyway

Post ID: 19081 07-07-04 15:33:43
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Senior Desi
Member since: Mar 04

Posts: 157
Location: Toronto

Ah!! Sumeet! Hmmm!! I was fed up following up with the Sumeet Distributor in Canada. Every time I call you get a standard message - "shipment left India (or clearing customs). Expected consignment next week. Give us a call next week (if you're lucky they might say give us your telephone number and we'll call you)". Call up 7 days later no later still no luck.

I got so frustrated one day that I sent a note to the Indian Customer Services Department but still no improvement. The distributor in Canada says they're not getting enough mixies to meet North American demand. Beats me why Sumeet can't produce enough.

So, in the end I bought a Kenmore machine in Sears. It's actually a lot cheaper than Sumeet about C$75 (compared to Sumeet's $250) and comes with a 1 year warranty. It's got both dry and wet grinding facility. So far it seems to be ok.

Best of luck.


Post ID: 19106 07-07-04 17:32:33
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Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 04

Posts: 10
Location: Calgary

Sumeet Mixie
Thanks Daks,
I am always getting some on the phone and the first time he told it was stuck at customs, second time he told, will have it on Tuesday as it is shipped, On tuesday he told that should be there no later than Friday. I called UPS with the tracking number and they told me that usually an economy pacakage may not be scanned.
I called the credit card company and they told me to send them a letter by July 15th if we donot receive it.

Post ID: 19118 07-07-04 20:05:13
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Junior Desi
Member since: Apr 04

Posts: 33
Location: Toronto

Sumeet Mixers STOCK
Carrom is my passion

Last edited by: practive on 09-06-12 10:25:35
Post ID: 188446 20-10-11 17:30:01
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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 06

Posts: 409

Originally posted by practive

I am traveling to India and will be bringing back a consignment of Sumeet Traditional Asia Kitchen (110 Volts AC) mixers.

Please contact Tony on 416 242 3953 before 03 NOV 2011.

Price $150 + $10 Delivery ( GTA )

Mixers will be delivered to your respective residences in Feb 2012.

Regards and all the best for 2012!

you can't beat a Sumeet!

Can you also bring the wet grinders? (with 2 or 3 stone crushers). dont remember which company is better...


Post ID: 188447 20-10-11 18:46:35
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Member since: Nov 05

Posts: 56

I bought Sumeet mixie from India with 110 v motor which broke in 1 year.
I got the motor replaced at Summet Authorized Center in Markham for $ 80.
After more than 5 years the motor is still good.
If you buy the new one in Markham(price is high) you get Warranty, if somebody is getting the consignment from India make sure that you have the Company Warranty.
Or else get the 220 v & get the voltage converter also.


Post ID: 188482 21-10-11 14:40:35
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Senior Desi
Member since: Jun 10

Posts: 2153
Location: GTA

We use Magic Bullet, its good & very convenient. &
get it from Costco, they have one of the best return policy in entire Canada.

Post ID: 188483 21-10-11 15:06:07
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