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business opportunity

Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 03

Posts: 14
Location: Markham

o my God.......... Want to know other daialogues aka statements of these sacammers trying to rope people in........... here are some......

Great things are happening?

Phenomenal growth is occuring

people are getting rich overnight.

o my god and some of these people are s "chipku" that no matter how much you avoid them or dont attend their meetings.......... they keep caling you if you had shown some interest even for one second.

And this 16.4 million thing....... Man looks like some Hindi movie where the mention of big bucks are used so effoertlessly"Singhania ki paanch sau crore ki jaydaat ka iklauta waaris" types or " mera das crore ka sona pakda geya" or " oooo dad plzzzzzzz mujhe wo 50 lakh ka heeron ka set chahiye hi chahiye"

Even we sikhs now instead of saying "gurpurab di lakh lakh wadhai hove" say " gurpurab di crore crore vadhai hove"

Chalo koi nahin....... Let the guy have a feel of that.......

You guys have a chill pill.


Post ID: 25198 12-09-04 23:51:04
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Junior Desi
Member since: Mar 04

Posts: 39
Location: Toronto

Quixtar- the new avtaar of amway
Hey guys,

Dont no whether you guys have seen the expose of Quixtar recently on NBC. For those of you who missed, it go to the website below


Post ID: 25383 14-09-04 12:29:38
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Junior Desi
Member since: Aug 04

Posts: 6
Location: scarborough

Exit Way Quixly
[come on guy i have handful of friends whom i can count to help me at an odd hour, by me chasing them for such WayWard stuff they Quixly avoid me. What fun when called i get an answer not in

Post ID: 30018 28-10-04 02:21:59
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Member since: Nov 04

Posts: 82
Location: ontario

I have been hammered on 5 different occasions by desis about this `get rich quick' quixstar scheme.

1) At Walmart
2) At The Bay
3) In the elevator of my apartment building
4) On a TTC bus
5) In Employment resource centre

On all such occasions, it was a stranger desi who came forward to `befriend' me with a nice smile and started conversation with innocent qns like kaha se ho, kitna time hua hai canada aai huye, kya kar rehe hoe and then telling me abouth this wonderful `e-commerce' opportunity. What a scam to con a fellow new immigrant desi.

And how about PRIMERICA? I have been hit a dozen times by these people. I posted my resume on workopolis and oh man it was some experience. I remember i was like 2 weeks old in this country and i get this email in response to my resume posted on workopolis saying he was impressed with my resume and will like to meet me for an job interview. I was estatic thinking i had scored a hit with citibank. So i put on my best suit and after changing 3 buses and subway i reach his office in Pickering. Needless to say i came back crashing to earth after hearing his pitch during the `interview'. I regretted wasting my whole day and $20 in bus/subway fare, which i could hardly afford back then. Their business may be legit but i have seriuos issues with the unethical methods these `recruiters' employ to con new unsuspecting immigrant desis.

Post ID: 31520 13-11-04 10:18:44
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Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 04

Posts: 188
Location: Beautiful BritishColumbia

Orginally posted by jbhansg136

This is a fantastic opportunity for all those who want to achieve financial freedom, be their own boss. if you would like to know more about this exciting business pls keep this saturday afternoon free for a meeting. for details contact us at 416 538 9232 . This is a genuine business so only geunine people need contact.

Where is this guy disappeared to?
Why is he not responding?
Maybe he is genuine but he is taken in by the force of the SCAM.
Clear yourself up, buddy.

"After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb." (Nelson Mandela)

Last edited by: Tourist on 13-11-04 18:42:09
Post ID: 31547 13-11-04 18:39:44
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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 03

Posts: 169
Location: Mississauga

Gone with the wind......;)

Jab pol kulta hai or sab jhol bahar ata hain to aisa hi hota hai.

What goes around comes around...

Post ID: 31553 14-11-04 01:18:15
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