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Children's Place outlet store

It's a great store and mind blowing sale (all the time) This sale is only at Outlet store, but if you buy at local store then it's pricey as they have latest designs. (ex: right now they are selling fall designs, in the outlet they are selling summerwares)

After we switched to this shop, we stopped shopping at Sears/Bay/WalMart for my kids dresses.

They are mainly dedicated to girls apparel. Don't miss for anything.

Imagine getting the dresses for the price of WalMart and quality of Gap store.

For ex : During March sale, we got all kinds of Kids winterwear (ex: Gloves, Cap, Scarf ) each one for 9 cents :ylsuper:

Mississauga outlet location: (only one in Canada, second one is coming soon in Cookstown)
The Children's Place Outlet
Heartland Town Centre
6075 Mavis Road
Mississauga, ON L5R 4G6


Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 02
Posts: 240
Location: USA

Post ID: 2202 08-08-03 15:11:01
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Member since: Jul 03

Posts: 59
Location: Toronto

Checked the www ...looks promising.. they got one store in Woodbine mall as well.:cheers:


Post ID: 2205 08-08-03 18:14:36
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Senior Desi
Member since: Nov 02

Posts: 240
Location: USA

they got one store in Woodbine mall as well

Apart the Outlet stores (the one I mentioned), the regular stores in the mall rip you off. B'cos they won't sell the out-of-season clothes. Even 50% off clearnace sale in that stores is still a rip off.

Ex: Suppose a $30 dress in the regular store will sell for $15 during season clearance sale, but after awhile they will send all the remaining unsold off-season dresses to Outlet store. Where they will sell for 30% or 50% of $15. So in the end you can get that dress for $5 or $10.

Right now the regular stores in the malls sell only next season (Fall) dresses. But in the Factory Outlet store, they will summer season dresses. (they sell fall season dresses too)

By October or so the regular stores sell winter clothing and whereas outlest will sell fall season dresses.

You understand my point?

Childrens Place dresses are desinger made. For example this season summer dresses are not repeated next year.

Post ID: 2207 08-08-03 18:53:35
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Senior Desi
Member since: Dec 02

Posts: 238
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

You're right. Yesterday I was at Square One and Children's place was not that cheap. But I'll check out the heartland mall outlet for sure!! Thanks.

Post ID: 2226 11-08-03 14:19:28
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Desi in Alberta
Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 02

Posts: 247
Location: AB

I enjoy shopping at Sears Outlet store. I am not sure if you have in your area.

Post ID: 5752 20-12-03 00:53:19
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