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Swadhyay Parivar creates world record


I got this by e-mail::)

Date of Msg Recd is 31st Augu. 2002

Just yesterday in BHAV IIRZAR MANDIR at Ahmedabad, janmashtami festivel is over (host vadaj) and Aa.Didi was there. Even this time Narendra Modi n Gordhan Zadafia (Home Minister Guj) were there in the program and in Matki fod along with Narhari Amin.

progrom was outstanding,

on rakhi in mumbai SAGAR PUJAN festival was held and it was also a great program.

In madir on jamastami, Ex. Chief Justice B.J. Diwan(Gujarat Samachar reported about his resignation, but not this news) was there, and Didi gave him "pushpa gucchha" with CM & HM.

all antis are quiet right now because of their situation in last meeting held at Gujarat Mahesh Shah

so right now swadhyay is like pehle jaisa tha.....

no anti person is concerned about swadhyay right now...dekhte hai aage kya hota hai...

right now v r busy with jmstmi street plays

in INDIA total 14000 teams

participants - 14000 * 10 = 140000 at least

total vieweres approx = 1,50,00,000 (if only 50 viewers in a play while at least 125 in a play )

This is a world record and it is going to be recorded by GUINISS Book of world record .. they did a call at bombay for the same

for a single theme these many plays within a week with a uniform action and dress

what v have to do is take 2 photos of each play one is team in action

and second is team with audience and location at glance...

we have to send all these photographs to GBofWR..

tomorrow v have scooter rally in each area

thats all between 19th and 31st

jay yogeshwar
:) :)

A Proud Indian Canadian

Garvo Gujarati
Member of Administrators
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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 03

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Location: mumbai, india

Dada, Didi and Swadhyay
Swadhyay is a recommended behaviour, a human being should go through according to Geeta (a Hindu scripture). Geeta has been told by The Lord known as Lord Krishna. Swadhyay means study of noble thoughts, Continuous thinking of who am I?, Who brought me here?, Why am I here? and What would of my behaviour please my creator? Will any of my action dis-approved by my Creator? What will be the reward or punishment of a good or bad action on my part? Am I living a life that my Creator has desired from me?

This thought process in the recent time was put in to motion by one Shri Pandurang Vaijnath Athavale from India. Who is popularly known as Dada or Shashtriji. The mission is known as "Swadhyay" but the "Swadhyay"'s meaning is not limited to the activities of Shri P.V.Athavale and his followers. In fact, broadly speaking it can be seen as a misnomer. In the present time it is certainly a misnomer as Shri P.V.Athavale and his adopted daughter Jayshree Talwalkar alias Dhanshree alias Didi who have unleashed rein of terror against past dedicated associates of Shri P.V.Athavale for taking a principled stand of rejecting and exposing his wrongs in his last days.

Shri P.V.Athavale declared the spread of Swadhyay as God's work and appealed to people at large to work, spend time, money and energy for this work. He convinced people that as the work was selfless, the same was God's work and working there was a service to The Lord.

Lakhs of people worked, spent time, energy, money and donated crores of Rupees for this work. Unfortunately, his adopted daughter Jayshree popularly known as Didi possess devilish intellect. She has no moral or necessary high thinking. His wife and this adopted daughter considered the donations accumulated through out nearly half century amounting to Rs.200 crores in cash/bank account her father's property and by hook or crook managed to get control of this wealth and work. She removed all dedicated trustees, put false accusations against all devoted followers of Shri P.V.Athavale, mis-propagated against all devoted and dedicated followers, divided the followers and unleashed reign of terror at the hands of anti-social elements to shut the mouth of dedicated followers who spoke about her wrongs. In the beginning of this degradation, to prevent the work from destruction, one Mr.Mahesh Shah exposed Jayshree alias Didi's extra-marital relations with one follower Shri Ajay Joshi.

Vengeful Jayshree saw no limits and un-leashed reign of terror against all old dedicated swadhyayees. The father, adopted daughter and the mother, all provoked the im-matured followers to the extent that a section of followers were out to kill the most dedicated and devoted followers of Shri P.V.Athavale in his - The God's work.

Shri P.V.Athavale declared that The God's work was his ownership and he was handing over the work to his daughter. The constitution known as "Amnai" was thrown to dust-bin. This declaration was in the root of the split between Shri P.V.Athavale and his life time devotees. Shri P.V.Athavale was hailing from a very poor family. His followers were well to do businessmen and professionals who through donations and missionary work supported the God's work through out their life. With the help of the same funds donated by righteous followers, Shri P.V.Athavale hired or provoked senseless immatured followers and tried to kill his devotees.

I am a living witness to these events and am against writing of false/black history by Shri P.V.Athavale and his wife and adopted daughter.



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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 03

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Location: mumbai, india

Dear Divine Brothers & Sisters,

1) Can you think of grabing Pathshala's wealth or mission? If not, how can old age, dedicated and devoted associates of Dada whom Dada has well praised and who gave their life for promoting swadhyay intend to do so?

2) Can all of them have this intention? Why all the neutral trustees removed from more than 100 trusts of Pathshala? If their intention was such did Dada who Didi claims is Bhagwan not know this? If Dada is Bhagwan why does he care so much for allegations on Didi? Can he not protect the work without so much of efforts to spread hate, call for boycott and severe relationship with old swadhyayees?

3) Were these old devoted swadhyayees not the donors for our work?

4) Aren't you told in one or other language to boycott and severe relations with your swadhyayee associates who have left Pathshala? Why so? Isn't it that if you talk to them, you will learn the truth and leave Pathshala? Isn't it that leaving Pathshala by people like you have cascading effect and it will not only be a blot on Didi's name but an end to Pathshala?

5) Can you throw mud at the character of your sister or your Guruputri? If not, how can very senior swadhyayees like Maheshbhai and others do who were Manasputras of Dada? Would they do it without a base?

5A) If nothing was wrong, why Dada called Sanghat fellows and so many swadhyaees to Bombay when they had just returned to their place? If nothing was wrong, why Dada in this sick condition rushed to so many places and held so many meetings provoking people against Hemrajbhai etc? Would a one line message of Dada not sufficient?

5B) Why Dada said that these swadhyayees were "Aattayees" and they should be dealt accordingly meaning there by beaten and killed? Does the meaning of Aattayee Dada gave befit with the meaning given in Geeta? Did these swadhyayees rape women? Did they rob and burn any one's house?

5C) Do you know that Virendra Bhat's house (kitchen with gas cylinder)(a Jayas from Junagadh, Saurashtra, India) was aflamed in midnight when he was in the house with his two kids and wife? Who could do this? A Robber? Are the people who did this not "Aattayees"? How should be they dealt? (The house had smell of petrol removed from Virendra Bhat's motorcycle parked outside)

6) Aren't we told and havn't we accepted that The God/Ram dwell in each heart? If so, does the God/Ram not dwell in these old devoted swadhyayees? If God dwells in them, why some of them mercylessly beaten?

7) Is it in human nature and is it logically convincing that a person name someone else than who beat him?

8) Aren't we told that we should possess sense of appreciation (Krutagnata) for elderly people, Rushis, Scripture and un-seen God? Then, why no reverence but promotion of hate and venegeance for these old dedicated, well praised by Dada for decades swadhyayees?

9) Aren't we told by Dada that The God accept only pure heart and mind? Isn't the message of boycott and severing relationship with old swadhyayees amount to dislike, hate and venegeance for them? Could our heart be pure when we hold such feelings for them? Will The God accept this heart?

10) Are we not going to Pathshala/Swadhyay to be dear to The God? Aren't we told that all creations are creations of The God hence we should revere all creations? With ill-feeling for old devoted swadhyayees because of whom most of us have been swadhyayees approved by The God?


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Junior Desi
Member since: Sep 03

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Location: mumbai, india

Reply to a suggestion that why the people who left Pathshala/Dada do not do some positive work.
Very good. Your suggestions are good. This is exactly the people who left Pathshala wanted to do.
Though opposed to Dada's moves, people continued to work as trustees, take kendras and go to Pathshala. They were seen with suspicion and deprived of the work. It was publicly announced by Didi that people can come to Pathshala though they are removed. Only 22 were removed, rest left of their own. Yet when these people went to Pathshala they were accosted by Mahadev's people - the fishermen. They tried to scare these old swadhyayee and even tried to attack the old swadhyayees.
When police complaint was lodged, false reporting was done by Mahadev personally. I was one of them whom a fisherman and few others tried to scare. We were not so weak to get scared but at times you lose your will to go there. One has to be in family. Family members resent. One has to attend business and professional obligations, such events disturb the peace of mind.

I don't know whether you know Kantabahen Thakkar. Usually she was around Tai on Sunday mornings to manage the gathering wanting to see Tai. A fair looking lady in her fifties. She is wife of Shankerbhai Thakkar who was trustee in three trusts and mercylessly beaten at Pardi with Shri Vinodbhai Shah. Kantabahen used to take Lower Parel kendra. The ladies attending Lower Parel kendra wanted to be with Kantabahen, so Kantabahen was continuing taking Lower Parel kendra. One day she received a call that if you go to Lower Parel to take kendra we will remove your Saree.

Shankerbhai was owner of a giant flour mill. He had sold his mill to work in Nirmal Niketan. One day Dada called him and told to resign, he agreed. Soon there after Dada sent few persons to his house to take his resignation. When he contacted Dada, Dada in threatening voice asked him whether he was giving resignation to those persons same moment or not? He gave his resignation. Later he was mercylesslybeaten at Pardi as the figure of holdings in a trust came out.

When Hemrajbhai, Jagdishbhai, Maheshbhai, Hitu and Mukund etc. went to Ahmedabad to promote "Swajan" a group to start some social or spiritual activities by the people who had left Pathshala, a murderous attack was carried out by present day swadhyayees upon them. The meeting had not began, app. 25 people had arrived, a crowd of nearly 400 entered the meeting place and beat the 25 people present there. When these people were returning to their villages, they were taken to lonely streets and beaten. They were told, "You are our guest, can't go without lunch, so eat". Police protected Hemrajbhai and others who were from Bombay as they had lonched a police complaint early morning as during their night stay, a group of motorcyclist challenged them to come out at 2.00 am and threw stone at their window. The attackers were carrying cell phones and were in continuous touch of someone which according to the victims was Didi.

You might know Kantubhai Mehta whose son Kirti is in U.S. He used to be at Rajkot 15 days a month for more than last 30 yrs. He was asked by Didi not to go to the place where he usually stayed. He said his family had excellent relation with the Rajkot family and can't severe relations over night. He was going to his native, on the way he went to Uday Asher's house at Rajkot. Uday Ashar was removed but his wife was allowed to continue. Few people went there and questioned. Uday Ashar's wife said if you object to Kantubhai's coming to our house, pl. know that I am also leaving swadhyay from today and now it is not your business. While Kantubhai returned, he was accosted at Rajkot station by few Darbars, abushed and pushed. He usually wears Dhoti, that day he had worn pants. He was told that if you had Dhoti, we would have removed your Dhoti and made you move on Rajkot platform. The police present there remained mute spectator.

Jayantibhai Motipara another fellow who devoted 15 days a month to Rajkot, went to a cousin's house at Rajkot as one of his cousin died further down. Manish Savshani went to his cousin's house and threateningly inquired why Jayantibhai had gone (come) to Rajkot? Manish was suspected to engineer attack on Kantubhai.

Tushar Hathi, a professor and a "Sanghat" fellow was threatened to be killed under truck. He is a down to earth and gem of a person. He went to Gondal to attend last rites of his uncle. He stayed there for 3 days. He was attacked and beaten at Gondal. Fortunately he recd. help and was saved.

Virendra Bhatt, a Jayas from Rajkot was threatened. One night his kitchen was put to fire. The petrol was removed from his motorcycle parked outside. The fire caught window and curtains. The kitchen had gas cylinder. He was in the house with his wife and two kids, one of them is just 8 yrs. Fortunately due to smoke, the kid and mother woke up. He is a professor and was staying in govt. premises. The security men prefered to talk to Motabhai of Junagadh.

The society has come to know the truth.

Pl. tell us how can we work? We are attacked the moment we go out. Yet we are continuing to conduct study circles and bring out a magazine "Soham" under "Swajan". We celebrate Ram Navmi and Janmashtami.

Earlier the wrongs was not paid attention and it could have been felt individually. No body spoke against Dada untill Dada told that the work was his ownership and later Maheshbhai was attacked on 28/1 in front of Dada's balcony one Sunday Morning in Pathshala. The wrongs if at all seen by someone was kept within one's self and consoled that some wrong can take in such big mission, ultimately it is advantageous. When the basic principles were sacrificed, the work no more remained renovation of Vedic culture and spread of Geeta's thoughts.

A person is removed as he pointed out that a diary which was costing Rs.80/= was sold at Rs.200/=. Didi said it is our momento, those who want to take should take. I have seen families who has monthly income of Rs.200/= and work for swadhyay. They attend big congregation and purchase something as token of remembrance. Is it justified? Dada has said we should not make profit. Does Didi know how swadhyayees sacrifice their luxuries and devote time and money for swadhyay?

When a person works alone, it remains his work. When you take help or bring other in the work, it no more remains one's work and wrongs felt by other is bound to be opposed. Didi says this work is Dada's work. She says she is owner and the wealth belongs to her as it is her fathers? People worked as Dada declared this as God's work. Even if you convert your house in a temple and later convert it back to your house, you are bound to be criticised. Didi says Dada is biggest donor to the trusts as people donated to Dada and in turn Dada donated to trusts. Can one have possession over things donated? If not, how Dada can give it to Didi this Devdravya as his daughter? The people donated as it was God's work. The money should have been spent for spread of religion or welfare of people. Had so been done the ugly turn to this work which is our soul would not have come.

Jay Yogeshwar.

I conclude here and leave it to your judgement of our

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Junior Desi
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Affidavit filed in court that Bhav Nirjar is not a temple but show-case.

A case was filed by people who left Pathshala that the temple at "Bhav Nirjar" should be kept open for all persons and all should be allowed to visit the same.

On behalf of Pathshala, an affidavit was filed in the court that the temple at Bhav Nirjar is not a temple and is merely a show-case.

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Garvo GujaratiMember of Administrators
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Jay Yogeswar Swadhyayibhai!

Welcome to this board. I can understand your feeling being a devoted swadhyayi, but this is wrong forum you have choose to wright anything related with religeon. You are free to express your opinion, but just wanted to let you know that this site is not dealing with such issues.

This is the forum for South Asian Living in Canada or people who wants to migrate to Canada.

Just to let you know, I am also regular "kendra" going swadhyayi, understands the value of work and words dada has given and less concern about the so called capture of power politics you are talking about. :)

One more note - if anybody has any problem or wants to reply the questions raised by swadhyayibhai you are free to do so, but please keep in mind that this is not right forum for such stuff.

A Proud Indian Canadian

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Junior Desi
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jai Yogeshwar -- Need swadhya info
jai Yogeshwar Bhai saab,

This is srinivas , Recently been to Toronto ,Canada , i would like to knwo the any dadaji iformation running every week here? if , pls let me know the address. ia m residing at mississauga.


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Junior Desi
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Location: canada

Congratulation Swadhyay Parivar
we just move to toronto canada please email me the address of parivar meeting place.


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Junior Desi
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Jay Yogeshwar Motabhai,

I came in toronto recently for my studies and i was doing swadhyay movement back there in india and i also want to continue it in toronto. so can you please tell me where exactly i need to go in toronto where i can find this movement for my continuation. please help me to find swadhyay pariwaar in toronto so that i can start my work here. i was used to do this as one of the sanchalak of yuva kendra in vadodara, gujarat, india. so being a sanchalak i really need to continue my work here.

Thank You.

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