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TN Visa for Canadians

TN Visa for Canadians
Canadians can often gain entry to the US with greater ease than others with TN visa; this preferential treatment for Canadians is linked to treaty provisions within the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). While there are many NAFTA related visas, the most useful one is the TN1 Visa. This TN visa was modeled on the H1B; it may only be used where the employer is based in the US, and the candidate is a professional in one of the categories listed on below. Where a candidate, by their profession and nationality, qualifies for the TN visa, it has the following advantages over the H1B:

It is granted for one year, but can continue to be renewed indefinitely.
It can be applied for at the border with the US, and is usually granted immediately.
The documentary requirements and procedure is far less burdensome than the US H1B visa on which the TN1 is based.
The TN visa is granted for a specific employer, and for more than one employer multiple TN visa applications need to be made. Self-employed professionals would not be able to come under this particular visa category, and may consider the E2 Treaty Investor category under NAFTA.

While it is possible to apply under the TN visa with minimal documentation, it is prudent for candidates to arm themselves with the following documents at the border with the US:

A description of the position from the US employer, confirming that the position is temporary, and including full details of why it is a professional occupation. This should also confirm that the candidate will be a direct employee, and the salary level. Further, some information about the nature of the employer's business should be included.

Proof of the candidate's qualifications, including, where appropriate, confirmation of the US equivalency of any foreign qualifications. This confirmation is generally obtained by a qualified credentials evaluator or US academic, and must be accompanied by verbatim translations of any certificates/transcripts in languages other than English.

A copy of the candidate's resume (curriculum vitae).

The original Canadian passport, and, if relevant, copies of the candidate's previous passports, visa stamps, and I-94s.

Details of the candidate's Social Security Number

Details of the candidate's foreign address

A copy of the employment contract.

Details of the employing company, including proof of ability to pay the wages offered.

If relevant, a license enabling the candidate to work in the US.
The following professionals can qualify under the TN1 Visa category:
Disaster relief insurance claims adjuster
Graphic designer
Hotel manager
Industrial designer
Interior designer
Land surveyor
Landscape architect
Management consultant
Range manager/range conservationist
Research assistant
Scientific technician/technologistSocial worker
Technical publications writer
Urban planner
Vocational counsellor
Medical/allied professional (dentist, dietician, medical laboratory technologist, nutritionist, occupational therapist, pharmacist, physician, physical therapist, psychologist, recreational therapist, registered nurse and veterinarian)
Scientist (agriculturist, animal breeder, animal scientist, apiculturist, astronomer, biochemist, biologist, chemist, dairy scientist, entomologist, epidemiologist, geneticist, geo-chemist, geologist, geophysicist, geologist, geophysicist, horticulturist, meteorologist, pharmacologist, physicist, plant breeder, poultry scientist, soil scientist and zoologist)
Teacher (college, seminary, university)


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Mods, Can you please make this post a Sticky ? It would be better if you also move this thread to the "USA" section...It is a consolidated place for TN-VISA information..

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If one intends to obtain his/her TN visa but actually cross the border at a later time with family, who will be dependant(TD?) on the TN status of the applicant.Does this person have to present himself with family at the border initially OR can he/she go by themselves?

Thanks for any answers.

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Post ID: 55244 20-08-05 12:55:30
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Do you have any idea for business Visa? How can one do business in USA
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Post ID: 55270 20-08-05 19:02:38
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Recent TN Applicant & Western US Relocation
Recently, I accepted a project in US and will be moving late December to Redmond WA. I am wondering if someone recently applied for TN permit at the border and what was the experience? What documents were asked for?

Also interested in learning from others' experiences who made cross-country move from Toronto to Western US. Anyone who moved to Seattle?

I am planning to move only few boxes (less than 6) of clothes, documents and books. What is the best way to send them? Don't think they are enough to hire movers. Also, what is the best way to quickly sell furniture and car? Thinking of advertising on Craigslist ... any other suggestions.

Which immigration border post is 'more' friendly for TN permit? I read/heard some bad experiences at border posts around Buffalo (Queenston-Lewinston and others), Detroit-Windsor and Vancouver. Will there be issue going through 1000 island border posts while living in West Toronto?

I am not planning to return to Toronto instead, most probably, I will move to Vancouver after project finishes. Does this matter for border official? How about no ties to Toronto and Canada?

How many weeks before the actual project start date can I apply for TN permit at the border? I am thinking of going through 1000 Island border post, apply for TN permit early in December and visit family in Princeton for a week then come back and move to Seattle end of December.

Thanks for the help.

Post ID: 62327 28-11-05 21:13:02
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Hello AnilKG and \or anand16
Could you guys kindly please email me offline. I had some questions about TN1 permit.
PS: For some strange reason I am unable to send private messages to you guys!


Post ID: 63498 21-12-05 16:10:31
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TN Visa any recent experiences at Border or Airport

any recent experiences with TN visa at US Border or Airport.Please share.

rp_0999: Can u please respond

Post ID: 65409 22-01-06 10:10:32
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Senior Desi
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Orginally posted by mk11


any recent experiences with TN visa at US Border or Airport.Please share.

rp_0999: Can u please respond

My experience is not so recent. 6 month ago. Had absolutely no problems as it was totally company sponsored. The customs guy looked at the letter given by hte company and said go to the cashier and pay the fees and collect your visa.

Post ID: 66831 08-02-06 19:55:20
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Hi i just wanted to know about TN Visa information. Can a person on TN Visa in US apply for H1B and then apply for GC. Is it possible and is it legal. Please reply.

Post ID: 81882 22-07-06 23:39:44
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Hi AnilKG

I am in Bothell WA very close to Redmond WA . Let me know if you need any Info ..

We will find a way or we will make one

Post ID: 81894 23-07-06 01:57:34
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