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Maharashtrians from Bombay

   Network: Maharashtrians from Bombay
Senior Desi
Member since: Sep 04

Posts: 1052
Location: Nice ,USA

Once Jakie chan and Shivaji had a fight. Shivaji told"Jackie tula mahit nahi amhi marathe aahat" Jackie replied"tumhi marathe amhi karate"
You know you are a desi when ........ You spew forth the virtues of India, but don't want to live there...............You've never had a tanning salon membership

Post ID: 78701 09-06-06 18:25:39
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Junior Desi
Member since: Apr 06

Posts: 34

Good one...!

Originally posted by Loser

Once Jakie chan and Shivaji had a fight. Shivaji told"Jackie tula mahit nahi amhi marathe aahat" Jackie replied"tumhi marathe amhi karate"

Post ID: 78743 10-06-06 11:19:59
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Junior Desi
Member since: Jun 06

Posts: 11
Location: Brampton

Originally posted by rkanchan

Anyone out there from aamchi mumbai and proud to be a maharashtrian. If so lets meet. Send me a mail and we can decide on something soon

Hullo how are you ?

We recently moved to Canada & saw ur quote on charcha so thought should write to u. We are from Mumbai & live in Brampton though a little away but would e gald to talk to you.

So pls write to me at
or to my husband Sachin at

Looking forward to hear from you.


Post ID: 78836 11-06-06 23:24:04
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no tax
Junior Desi
Member since: Jun 06

Posts: 9

Yo Alex
Alex bud,

are you ABCD??? American born confused desi....if yes not a prob...if no not a prob.

I have seen this in many countries and respective is always easy to mingle in similar community. at the same time it is not hard to mingle with out-of-the community. but certainly it helps to be with same community people.

For us INDIA is huge country with wide variety of people...if for instant you put together west europe together than also our country will be bigger than them in size and population..a german doesn't mix with french...english dont like french..french and italian are from LATIN but would love their own food over others....spanish have more family orientation then french people though they r neighbours. SO DO YOU REQUIRE ANY MORE EXPLANATION.

I am sure you haven't seen any other country apart from US, Canada or India or Dubai.

buddy we know us well and thats where we blame us first and it is every where the same. Believe me I have been in all Europe and they do exactly the same which we do... in terms of criticizing or mingling...

so forget about who is asking for whom...if you wish you can only forward your is on others to take it or leave it.

have a nice time :cheers:

Post ID: 86467 26-09-06 14:15:49
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Member since: Dec 05

Posts: 67

We are maharastrians but out here in Windsor..
Hollar some time.. we will
discuss Sachin & Lata,
Reminisce over Puneri Misal and Vada-pav ,
Say strong things in support of Thakrey and complain too many outsiders are coming in taking our jobs..
Mumbai Tumchi ani Bhandi ghasa aamchi
Ani finally we will definitely not help each other.. coz hey otherwise they will ex-communicate us from marathi community ya know:)

Post ID: 86517 27-09-06 12:00:08
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Junior Desi
Member since: Jun 06

Posts: 46
Location: near you

Love to join in
Love to join in, Networking is the essence of life with all communities. Please send me either a PM or email

I am in Mississauga with my family

Post ID: 86683 29-09-06 11:37:26
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Senior Desi
Member since: Oct 02

Posts: 1721
Location: Brampton

Originally posted by no tax
so forget about who is asking for whom...if you wish you can only forward your is on others to take it or leave it.

have a nice time :cheers:

With that sentiment ... I am Mumbaiya !

Mumbai Maazi Ladki ...

Post ID: 86700 29-09-06 13:36:47
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Junior Desi
Member since: Dec 05

Posts: 29
Location: U.S of A

Even in America you cannot sue anyone for using the word 'frigging'. Sorry T.K this is about pressures in life. Get over it and move on. As someone mentioned earlier, this kind of things happens in India also.

Sorry CDs, it appears that I have posted above in a wrong place.

all is well that ends well

Last edited by: indianamerican on 29-09-06 15:52:33
Post ID: 86713 29-09-06 15:49:43
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Junior Desi
Member since: Mar 08

Posts: 3
Location: Kelowna, BC

Originally posted by alexm

I don't understand why we Indians try to only mingle with our own 'groups'. Can we not be happy to just meet Indians?

Interests should be more of a factor than where you are from.


I agree with you, and I know what you are trying to say, for me I just feel happyto see any Indian out here, be it from Bombay or any other place in India.

I guess we just dont care from which part of India a person comes from!

Take care

Post ID: 117818 20-03-08 15:44:54
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Junior Desi
Member since: May 07

Posts: 7

I am visiting this forum after about a year now. Just wondering if there is any meetup planned ?

We are originally from Mumbai (Bandra /Kandivali) currently living in Mississauga.

Also wondering if anybody interested in playing sports this summer. I love playing racquetball/squash/tennis etc...



Post ID: 118499 30-03-08 16:08:11
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