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    Movie Review: JURM

    Rating: **
    Director  Vikram Bhatt
    Producer  K.P. Singh
    Music  Anu Malik & Anand Raj Anand
    Lyrics  Rahat Indori and Dev Kohli
    Cast  Bobby Deol, Lara Dutta, Gul Pinag & Milind Soman
    Reviewed by  Sangita Iyer
    Jurm is a suspense thriller directed by Vikram Bhatt. It takes a kitchen sink approach to 
    the thriller genre, throwing elements from all types of similar films. Jurm introduces us to 
    Avinash (Bobby Deol), who is a rich business tycoon (whats new about that), arrested 
    for the murder of his wife Sanjana (Lara Dutta). His best friend Rohit (Milind Soman), 
    who is also his legal advisor, fights his case. Sonia (Gul Panag) is Avinashs silent lover 
    and she stands by him. Shakti Kapoor, Ashish Vidyarthi and Milind Gunaji support the 
    leading characters.
    Avinash is madly in love with his wife and after they get married everything is wonderful 
    in the beginning but then trouble starts brewing when Avinash starts suspecting his wife 
    Sanjana of having an affair. Suddenly Sanjana is dead and he is arrested for her murder. 
    His best buddy Rohit fights his case but as the trial progresses more and more evidence 
    comes across which makes it look like Avinash is guilty. Sonia is supportive of Avinash 
    during his trial. The whole movie revolves around who Sanjanas killer is. Is it Avinash? 
    If not, how does he prove his innocence?? 
    Bobby Deol looks pleasant, as always, his performance is good but nothing to rave about. 
    He needs to do more diverse roles. He has the ability to do so. Lara Dutta can do better. 
    There did not seem to be any on screen chemistry between Bobby Deol and Lara Dutta 
    which surprised me because in their previous film  Bardasht they were so good 
    together. Lara Dutta was better towards the latter part of the film though. Milind Soman 
    did a pretty good job. I was impressed with him. Gul Panag was okay. She looked good 
    but needs to sharpen her acting skills. She did well in a few scenes but was not consistent. 
    From the supporting cast, I particularly did not like the other Milind, i.e. Milind Gunaji. 
    The role just did not suit him. Shakti Kapoor was being Shakti Kapoor, nothing different 
    to offer. About Ashish Vidyarthi, now this guy is so talented and I just wish he got some 
    roles where he can showcase his talent. He was good in his role but he has so much more 
    to offer. 
    Overall, Jurm is pretty predictable. The actors are stuck on screen without much of a 
    story to pull the viewers along. Music is average. A couple of songs are good but 
    otherwise forgetful. As good as Adnan Sanis voice is, it just does not suit Bobby Deol. 
    Action scenes in the climax of the film were pretty slick, a la Matrix style I must say. 
    Jurm is nothing but Old wine in new bottle.
    Dont be in a hurry to watch this one. I would give it ** 
    Heres how I rate them:
    *	- A bummer, skip this one
    **	- A popcorn movie, viewable but flawed
    ***	- A good movie, gives you your moneys worth
    ****	- A near perfection, highly recommendable movie
    *****	- A rarity! Knock your socks off kind of a movie

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