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    Movie Review: SHEESHA

    Rating: **
    Director: Ashu Trikha 
    Producers: Guddu Dhanoa, Sunil Saini, Deepak Sharma 
    Music: Sen Brothers 
    Lyrics: Maya Govind, Nida Fazli, Dev Kohli, Yusuf & Guddu Dhanoa 
    Cast: Neha Dhupia, Sonu Sood, Vivek Shaque, Eildith Mac queen
    Reviewed by: Sangita Iyer
    Sheesha continues to follow the trend of sex and obsession based films in Bollywood. 
    It?s a story of skin, skin and a lot of skin among other things. On a serious note, 
    Sheesha is a story of desire, success, deception and possessiveness. For the first 
    time, Neha Dhupia is playing a double role in Sheesha; so for those who find it hard 
    to watch one Neha, imagine what two would do to you!! On the other hand, those 
    who don?t care about the story but like to see a lot of skin, this is a treat you don?t 
    wanna miss. 
    Ashu Trikha directs the movie and this is how the movie unfolds ? Sia (Neha Dhupia) 
    is a fashion designer and her twin sister Ria (Neha Dhupia) is deaf and dumb, 
    suffering from a neurological disorder. She is supposedly the real talent behind the 
    designs. Confused already eh? (Abhi to shuruaat hai). Both the sisters fall in love 
    with the same guy (Surprise!!), Raj (Sonu Sood). Remember Sonu from Yuva? 
    People noticed his performance in Yuva, so far as his performance in Sheesha goes, 
    well, we will get to that later. Raj and Sia fall in love from the moment they lay eyes 
    on each other. Raj is associated with Channel 7 and Sia is a budding fashion 
    designer whose designer outfits, Shades is gaining popularity. Raj helps Sia 
    professionally in order to get her designs achieve international fame (Of course!) 
    While love blossoms between the two, there is a threat lurking around Raj and Sia, 
    which they are unaware of. Neha Dhupia is shown as an obsessive, seductive lover; 
    surprisingly she is not so bad. She looks the part and her clothes (i.e. Whenever she 
    has them on) are haute couture. Thumbs up to Phalguni Thakore, the costume 
    designer for a job well done.  Coming back to Sonu Sood, you have to give it to the 
    guy for trying but a modern day rich hunk settled abroad, now that?s just not him. 
    He seems like a misfit there even though he has acted well.  By the way, Sonu Sood 
    should leave the yellow and pink pants for the one and only Govinda coz nobody 
    other than Govinda can get away with wearing such non-conventional colors. Vivek 
    Shaque does not add any humor to the film, though that?s what he is supposed to be 
    doing, I think. Eildith Mac queen does not have much scope in the film but has done 
    her part well. Watching this movie with your family ? a big no no.
    The music is pretty good. Some of the songs have been picturised superbly. ?Main Ho 
    gayee? number reminds me of the hit number ?Mujhe mast mahol? picturized on 
    Sushmita Sen in Fiza. Background score by Sen Bros is impressive. The seductive 
    scenes between Sonu Sood and Neha Dhupia are done rather aesthetically. They 
    don?t look cheap. The plot is quite attention grabbing but just does not hold well till 
    the end. By the way, seems like there are concessions for the lead characters, as 
    they don?t seem to be wearing helmets when on a motorbike inThailand. The climax 
    scene is probably the worst shot scene in the whole film in spite of all the 
    technological advancement. Sheesha is all about obsessive behavioral patterns, 
    something that?s not new to Bollywood viewers anymore. If you think Neha Dhupia 
    exposed in Julie, wait till you watch this one, although she looks comfortable 
    exposing on screen and does not look vulgar. Playing double role, with a positive and 
    negative shade is not so easy, so it?s fair to say that Neha Dhupia has done a fine job 
    in Sheesha. Ashu Trikha is pretty good as a director, however he was not able to 
    sustain the momentum till the end. The first half seemed to be more gripping than 
    the second.
    I would give this one **
    Here?s how I rate them:
    *	- A bummer, skip this one
    **	- A popcorn movie, viewable but flawed
    ***	- A good movie, gives you your money?s worth
    ****	- A near perfection, highly recommendable movie
    *****	- A rarity! Knock your socks off kind of a movie

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