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    Movie Review: KAAL

    Rating: **
    Writer & Director  Soham
    Producers  Shah Rukh Khan & Karan Johar
    Music  Salim Sulaiman
    Cast  Ajay Devgan, John Abraham, Vivek Oberoi, Lara Dutta, Esha Deol, 
    Parmeet Sethi
    As soon as one hears Dharma productions, instantaneously one thinks family, 
    drama, love triangles, traditions, sacrifices and all the like ingredients that make 
    a scrumptious recipe for a classic Dharma productions film, but BEWARE because 
    Kaal is nothing like that, in fact it is just the contrary. Kaal is youthful, 
    adventurous, gripping, eerie and superstitious. (At least that's what the film 
    makers want to portray)
    Kaal unfolds in a picturesque land flora and fauna  the jungle. Krish (John 
    Abraham) is a researcher for the National Geographic and his wife Riya (Esha 
    Deol) is an ace photographer. Krish has been assigned a job for which he and his 
    wife Riya take off for the Orbit National Park, pseudo for Corbett National Park. 
    In the last couple of months there have been some bizarre incidents where some 
    other researchers and tourists are believed to be killed by a man-eating tiger in 
    Orbit Park. Krish is curious about these recent incidents and wants to explore the 
    circumstances as he has some suspicions. Around the same period, Dev (Vivek 
    Oberoi) with is girlfriend Ishika (Lara Dutta) and a couple of other friends are on 
    their way to a farmhouse when they face a string of wacky incidents that 
    eventually leads them to Orbit National Park instead of their planned destination, 
    and that is when they happen to meet Krish and Ria. As the story progresses, 
    the group meets Bashir Khan (Parmeet Sethi), who is a forest officer in the park 
    and Kali Pratap Singh (Ajay Devgan) who helps them when in danger.  During 
    their stay in Orbit Park, the group faces bloodcurdling situations and in the 
    process some end up losing their lives. What is the cause behind these gruesome 
    events and why are they happening? Is the man-eating tiger captured finally? 
    There are some scenes in the film that are shot brilliantly. My personal favourite, 
    without a doubt is Kali Pratap Singh's (Ajay Devgan) entry. He looks as majestic 
    and ferocious as Sher Khan, Tara and Titan, the three tigers in the scene. This 
    particular scene is guaranteed to give everyone the goose bumps. It's absolutely 
    impossible to imagine anyone other than Ajay Devgan in the role of Kali. (As the 
    whole scene seems believable only because of Ajay Devgan). John Abraham 
    looks the part and has performed well. Vivek Oberoi on the other hand has 
    overdone it a bit with his performance as well as his make up. Wonder if he was 
    competing with the leading ladies of the film on the latter? Lara Dutta and Esha 
    Deol have no scope to showcase anything but skimpy outfits. There are some 
    scenes in the film where Dev keeps saying, " Cut the crap" and " Jee karta hai 
    ise jaan se maar doo", which is pretty annoying. Then there is a scene where 
    Dev's Lexus SUV stops in the middle of nowhere. Somehow they manage to get 
    a ride but what happens to the Lexus no one knows and nobody seems to care. 
    Riya being an ace photographer is hardly seen taking any pictures. In the end, 
    the driver and Bashir Khan come out of the blue. Gee, wonder if they were 
    Soham has done a decent job as a Writer and Director, but the film has flaws.  
    Music by Salim Sulaiman is attention grabbing. The title song  'Kaal Kaal mein 
    hum tum kare dhamal' picturised on Shah Rukh Khan and Malaika Arora Khan is 
    hot and steamy. Malaika looks amazingly sexy but Shah Rukh Khan in leather 
    pants and tattoos is not so appealing. Another number, 'Tauba Tauba' is pretty 
    good too. Background music and visual effects are splendid. A particular 
    background score reminds one of Lion King. It was fascinating to get an inside 
    look at the Animal Kingdom.  So you ask what to watch out for in Kaal? Ajay 
    Devgan  he rocks. The movie is nothing out of the ordinary but it's worth a 
    I give it **
    Here's how I rate them:
    *	- A bummer, skip this one
    **	- A popcorn movie, viewable but flawed
    ***	- A good movie, gives you your money's worth
    ****	- A near perfection, highly recommendable movie
    *****	- A rarity! Knock your socks off kind of a movie

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