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USC Education Savings Plans

Toronto, Ontario

Listing ID: 2621   Posted on 13-Jun-04

Contact Details:
Ron Furman
Phone: 905.853.6772
            416.725.8974 .

USC has specialized in RESP's for over 40 years.
Today we manage over 1.5 billion dolars investmets for hundreds of thousands of Canadian parents who have had the foresight to save for their children's future education. Canada Education Saving grant now upto 40% and the Canada Education Learning Bond, $500 grant. CAll to day for information 416.725.8974 or 905.853.6772
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Scarborough: RESP AGENT
   Make today the Best Day in your Childrens' Career. Register for Children's Education Funds  RESP. Get Education Grant(Regular & Enhanced), Canada Learning Bonds and Air Miles Point from CEFI. Maximum Grant $7200/Ch
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Toronto: Mayrak Financial Solutions -
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The BEST Gift a parent can give to their child is the BEST education and for that you need a Big sum of money, now we can show you how to get a potential value of $229,000 in your RESP Plan. Call me today for an Unbiased objective presentation.
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Whether you're a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or friend of a family with a young child, Heritage Plans from Allianz Education Funds can help you make a difference in a child's future.
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