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What Makes Canada The Perfect Education Destination?

By apsastudyabroad

Canada is arguably one of the most picturesque countries in the world. In the past decade or so, it has also become one of the most sought-after education destinations for students around the world. Every year, the country’s top educational institutions welcome more than 18,000 students to pursue various degrees. It is thus natural to wonder what is it that draws young people to study in Canada? Here we explore the factors that make Canada the perfect choice for international students.

1.Best in the world education at an affordable price:
Studying at a Canadian University gives you access to world class education. The degrees, PhDs and diplomas acquired here are considered equivalent to those in the US, Europe, Australia and several nations. The quality of campus, infrastructure and ultra modern approach to education elevates a student’s approach towards learning. While Canadian educational institutions are on a par with the world, the cost of education is surprisingly lower. Education Consultants for Canada say that this is one of the core reasons for Canada to become a favored education hub.

2.Safe and friendly community:
Canada is rated among the top 20 safest countries in the world. Student friendly policies, low rate of crime, friendly environment and strong economy make Canada the ideal place to study abroad. Universities focus on offering a safe and secure environment to foreign students while they are studying there. Students can flourish and excel in their education in such a peace-loving environment.

3.Nature at its best:
With its beautiful coastlines and vast wilderness, Canada is simply captivating. As international students study in Canada, they can explore the natural beauty of the countryside. Canadians love adventurous activities like trekking, skiing, kayaking and much more which the students can enjoy as well. It is no surprise that international students fall in love with Canada’s pristine natural beauty.

4.High Standard of Living:
Canada never fails to amaze when it comes to the standard of living. It comprises of major urban areas along with a number of shopping centers and eateries to choose from. Blessed with a large amount of natural resources in the form of lakes and mineral deposits, Canada is one of the fastest growing and richest countries existing today. The country also houses various art centers and museums for all history lovers. With numerous leisure facilities such as beaches, sports centers, public gardens, and parks, there is absolutely no hassle finding where to go on weekends.

5.Cultural Diversity
Studying in Canada comes with an extremely multicultural environment. Ensuring that each and every culture is given due respect, the country makes a perfect place to learn about ethnic groups from all around the world. In such an encouraging, warm and friendly environment followed by cultural diversity, international students who have come to study in Canada get a chance to be simply themselves without the need of hiding their cultural identity. Canada being a multilingual country adds to the enriching educational experience, although widely spoken languages include English and French.

6. Enormous job opportunities
For any international student considering studying abroad, job opportunity plays a vital role in making the decision. Being one of the most developed economies in the world, Canada offers innumerable work opportunities in the desired field. The country follows the best employment practices and has a thriving and vibrant economy with plenty of room for growth. This is well established by the fact that Canada has a low unemployment rate of 5.7 percent, as stated in July 2019. (
To support international students, the Canadian government is very active in running several immigration and scholarship programs. These initiatives are focused on providing work opportunities to students pursuing post-graduation. Furthermore if one can secure permanent residency, the opportunities for employment further multiplies. The job market in Canada is pretty lucrative for the right candidate.

7. Permanent Residency and Canadian Immigration –
Immigration to Canada has grown by leaps and bounds owing to job opportunities and high living standard. Education consultants for Canada often guide students for Permanent Residency as well as it gives more benefits upon settling down in the country. Permanent residency can take up to 15 to 18 months from within Canada. On meeting the minimum eligibility criteria of 67 Points one can proceed with the application.
A perfect ecosystem supporting work and living standard, Canada makes for an ideal place for international students. Education Consultants for Canada can guide you towards making the right choice in terms of the course and University for a bright future and successful career.

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