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Best Places to Visit and Things to do in Russia

By cheapbestfares

Out of all the countries, Russia is the largest and most beautiful one. The architecture of the country is admired by the tourists from across the world and cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg never fails to impress its guests. Its boundless hospitality and Western-Style hostels and hotels are something which offer a unique experience to its visitors and provides utmost comfort and leisure to them. The guide explores the best places to visit and things to do in Russia. During your journey to the country, make sure that you visit these places and do these things to make the most of your time being in Russia. Also, don’t forget to get cheap flight tickets with Virgin Atlantic flights while flying to your destinations booking with us. Let’s get started.

Places to Visit

Russia is a big country, so there are a variety of places to explore and admire, but cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg are the must-see destinations. These cities offer tourists with eye-boggling national treasures, contemporary creativity and political energies. Apart from Moscow and St. Petersburg, the country’s aesthetics and life can be imbibed greatly within its villages such as Veliky, Novgorod, Pskov, and Suzdal. Visitors here often can be found admiring vistas dotted with onion domes and lined with gingerbread cottages which measure up to the Russia of popular imagination. You can first class flight tickets on Cheapbestfares to Russia and can make the most of your time money flying with cheap air fares.

Apart from these towns and places, Russia is a home to some of the most amazing architectural marvels. Cities such as Yekaterinburg is an industrial city in the Ural Mountains which has many things going for it. It offers a vibrant culture scene, many libraries, theatres and playwrights to its visitors, and Sochi located around the Black Sea is a great winter sports destination.

Things to do

Not just places to visit, but the country offers a gamut of things to do to its visitors. Tourists can spend their time at a Winter Palace, Kremlin, Academy of Fine Arts Museum and can admire them to get an overwhelming experience.
Other things which one can do here includes Alexander Garden, The Amber Room, Bunker 42, The City of the Dead and Faberge Museum. These are some of the most admired places by the tourists visiting Russia.

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