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Is canada lucky for me ? i am still confused

By patel.tejas07

Hi Friends,

Currently i am very confused wheter its good or bad to be in canada?

Me & husband came to canada with lot of dreams just as all of u had ..we both had a flourishing career back home in india, i was working with a number 1 life insurance company ICICI Prudential as an Area Manager which took me 7 years to reach upto that position after a lot of struggle in life , i was not intending to come to canada at all as never wanted to leave my job but due to my husband's willingness to come here i gave up my ambition & came here , we landed up on 23rd feb 08, stayed at one of our relatives place for some time we both were lucky to get jobs within 10days, i started up with a call center as an agent & my husband got a job in subway sandwiches ...we both were feeling lucky to get jobs within 10days but still i am seeing things not going in the way it should be as we started up with whtever we got as canadian expereience ...i went thru all articels today also saw suggestions for job here ..i already did whatever was said out in those articles i search those websites everyday spent around 3-4 hrs on internet searching for job in my own field...also approach so many agencies to get registered couple of agencies did registered me too showed up big dreams but as usual they never come back to u ....i am so much confused with the system of jobs here ... me & husband are earning well but its not the job that we want to continue for a long time ...there is so much of frustration to start up ur careeer new...not even people who know u in the same feild are able to give you proper reference...people here are not ready to give any proper body has a perfect way to help u ,,somebdy says agencies help to get good jobs some says its only thru a good reference , or u got to be a lucky person to get one..IN india i helped out so many people to settled down in there life by helping them to get to good jobs ....but yahan to lagta hain apne bhi apne nahin hote...logo ko reference bhi nahin dena hota hain ....also if there is an opening in some good company they wont even let u know hw we cud apply...i have one good couple friend who came here 6months b4 we came here ....her husband worked in same call center that i did he was fired from there within 2months due to some fraud issue & in the next week he got Job in a reupted bank that luck ? sometimes i think god also wants good people to struggle more & more in life..i am looking for opportunities in my own field i could gurantee if i get chance to work with a good companies i would surely help people with right guidance ....need ur good wishes to find a right job for us hope to get success sooner... i am even ready to start up with an entry level position in bank or insurance atleast i would be statisfied in wht i am doing? if u have any suggestion to me please write back to us on our id would love to follow them ... 

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