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what do Alphonso mangoes really cost in GTA?

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tamilkuravan: Looks like CD's enjoy Mangoes. When I was in Nigeria of Africa in early 1980's, There used to be many mango tress on the road with no one plucking the mango. We used to eat mangoes like 10 every afternoon. But times have changed there. In Kerala, the mango season is picking up. Yesterday I saw Banganapalli Mangoes (good sweet ones from Bengaluru) retailing for Rs 40 a Kg.
love_n_peace: Try "Kesar - mangos" from Gujarat and you will love them most over any other mangos. They are selling at 28 for a box of 12 in Subji Mandi and 26 for 12 at patel brothers Brampton Also try Badami mangos at these stores which are also good. they sell at 2.99 / lb have fun

Canadian Citizen with H1B work visa

ralgema: Three characteristics of a seasonal pattern Part two <a href=>lasix india</a> Andrikopoulou A, Shalit A, Zografos E, Koutsoukos K, Korakiti AM, Liontos M, Dimopoulos MA, Zagouri F
Smiley: Just go to the Port of Entry and then to the US. You should get an I-94 at the port of entry
replyds: Massood ji, I am a Canadian Citizen since June 2004 and have obtained a H1B work visa which is valid from Oct 1st 2005. I would like to know how do I proceed to the US - do I need to go the US consulate in Toronto and get H1 stamped in the passport and get a I-94 or go to the Port of Entry (Pearson Airport) Thanks M.Sharma


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dudewheresmycar: I used skillport which is free from my company.. They have modules u can learn on ur own which are eligible for 35 hrs PMI PDU Even if u buy their 1 year subscription it could be the cheapest way..~700$ But mind u this approach will take u at least 70 hrs of time to complete courses equivalent to 35 hr pdu. You can try Hitech institute in downtown, but it will set u back by 2000$
IndoCanadian96: Thnaks for the reply. Could you also highligt the $ course and exam fees, and the institute to gain 35 hours training?


ralgema: Any dose adjustment should be guided by clinical effect tolerability and efficacy <a href=>lasix to bumex conversion</a>
gopalpai: Make a checklist, check whether this medicine is in your home or whether it has been recommended by your doctor... please DO NOT use it... Please Read Very Carefully - INFORM ALL YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY MEMBERS India has become a dumping ground for banned drugs; also the business for production of banned drugs is booming.

how soon can i sell my home after purchase?

Amadan123: I apologize if this seems distant from the topic, but I just want to clarify what FH posted. You can only write off moving expenses in a move that's 40 km away only if you moved for employment purposes, carry on a business, or to study full-time at a university in that location.
Pramod Chopra: It depends on your Realtor. Generally they charge 1% selling fee for their own services if you are buying through them. You still need to pay other broker fee of 2.5% so if all your total selling Realty fee would be 3.5% plus HST. On a separate note, if you are selling and buying simultaneously then you should be thinking of porting your existing mortgage to save on penalties.
mrpandya: San-Hugo and chopra saheb Thank you very much. My last question is, If I sell house through broker and buy a condo with same broker,how much could be broker fee?
Pramod Chopra: Manoj, I understand that you bought the house in Nov 2012 and after 1 year you want to sell it. There is no rule prohibiting you to sell the house as it is yours and you could have sold it 1 day after you bought it. However, it seems you are asking to confirm if there would be any tax liability or not.

India Discussions

e-Tourist Visa for India

Canada_Ka_Bhikari: The requirement was there last year too. Your wife just got lucky. Depending on the whims and fancies of the agent, you can get off easily or be harassed further. Even if you overstay your visit by a few days, I don't think they are going to Catch you on your way OUT of India.
febpreet: Looks like a Renunciation cert IS required for the Tourist visa. From the checklist: Additional documents for Former Indian Nationals Applying for tourist Visa (Photocopies) - Last Held Cancelled Indian
northyork_desi: I dont think the renunciation certificate is a requirement for visit visa or tourist visa, but only for OCI. Do call BLS/CGI and inquire. If the stay is expected to last longer than 30 days, its better to get regular visit visa.
febpreet: Thanks. I am aware of the renunciation of Indian passport and we need to get it done once she gets back from India. I think she needs to go for more than 30 days (about 5-7 days more than that), so she might have to get through the tradition visa route.

Surrogate mothers of Anand, Gujarat were on Oprah show today

desi in ottawa: Saw it today. Very interesting. An American by name Jennifer West, a white, went to Anand for this. Dr Nayna Patel, a local doctor is arranging for this. Number of them are doing it for western women.

Reddy brothers are being targeted

Delhite: People are fed up with both national parties as both have tinted persons. If they find a third and ‘CLEAN’ alternative, they will go for it. Ram Dev has an eye on it and doing a ground work on it.
puttoo: This is one of the reasons that corruption in India will perhaps never be eradicated. We Indians always shout about corruption when it is the "other" guy ... but when it is one of our "own" we start coming up with conspiracy theories. Modi or Gandhi .....
meghal: By using the word "targeted", you seem portray the Reddys as a bunch of innocent people. You sound similar to the sentiments echoed in rediff article, how Congress is getting back at BJP LINK Revenge

Moving Back Permanently -Is it worth Shipping products (Container) to India

soberflier: Good luck with the move...please do post here as you go about your move if you can. It would help many and provide more information to this website. You certainly have planned well. Good luck and God speed.
poorme: Is Gora Master not better than your an unknown but Gora father. Your super English and attitude towards other fellows is a TESTAMENT to that.
poorme: Hope you are not posting from , otherwise Mr Know it all will hunt you down.
sarvjits: :up: :cheers:
pendse: Are you driving a cab in Canada ? In India , I have people like you working as my maids & servants. While you are serving your Gora master. No wonder you are jealous, your childish post is a testament to that :D
poorme: You must be really very very lonely to answer your own queries. Wait till CKB replies next to GI and than ShobhaDe contributes further. You are more of a joker than anticipated. Keep it up. Dont forget to go and cry in your moms lap.

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Babbu13: Hi All, If anyone is traveling to India from Toronto in Oct via Emirates can you please let me know. My mother is travelling first time alone and looking for travel companion. I would great appreciate it if anyone is willing to accompany her. Many thanks.

Need a travel companion from Toronto to India- Travel date in Oct

Babbu13: Hi All, If anyone is traveling to India from Toronto in Oct via Emirates can you please message me. My mother is travelling first time alone and looking for travel companion. She cannot write or speak English. I would great appreciate it if anyone is willing to accompany her. Many thanks.

Making new Friends

HV: Hi Guys Never tried this. Looking to make Family Friends. We have 2 children 9 and teen. We are in punjabi, in brampton. We are not new to Canada. Just want to connect with new people. Love to hang out with Families to laugh and have fun with kids . Hope to make new friends HV

Best Indian Astrologer in Toronto | Astrologer psychicshivanand

shivanand: Astrologer in Toronto Shivanandji has profound information in crystal gazing. He has hypothetical information. has learned and thought Indian Vedas. He have dominated LINK of the 5 Vedas in Indian crystal gazing. Additionally dominated numerous crystal gazing books and got different endorsements from school. This significant information in him has made him chill out to peruse the lines in the palm, do confront perusing and future forecast. Best astrologer in Toronto Furthermore, has great involvement with soothsaying field. He has met LINK various customers in various nations. He has made a trip to in excess of nations and have customers in more than nations. Individuals have

IOT Testing Services | Sasken

Saskentechnology: Sasken provides IOT Testing Services, Artificial intelligence for automotive applications, Communication services,V2X,etc. we all knowns the importance of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, Manufacturing, Operations, Marketing, Technology, etc. AI give give insights into user behaviour and give recommendations based on the data. For more information visit us on: LINK


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