Bollywood Dance Classes in Scarborough

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Mind Body Soul Studios
 6477049995   6477049995
 6477049995   4167926697

Scarborough Ontario  

Our studio is thrilled to be offering Bollywood dance in Scarborough with instructor Shalvi Thakkar!

Shalvi is a choreographer who has been trained in various dance styles. She has been classically trained in kathak, also she very well knows Bollywood dance style as she has been teaching and performing for almost 7 years. She also has a good knowledge of Indian Folk Dance called Garba.

Classes will be every Friday at 6 PM.
? 25th October – Introduction and Registration day
? First term – 1st November – 14th February
? Fee structure:
Drop in - $20 for every class of 1 hour
Advance payment - $240 for 16 weeks
If registered before the introduction day ( October 25th) - $192 for 16 weeks.

Call 416-792-6697 or email for more information.
To speak directly with the instructor about the class curriculum and objectives, please call Shalvi at 647-704-9995

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