Business and Real Estate Funding Via Bank Gurantee

Listing ID: 108171   Posted on 11-Sep-20
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Erkan SÜGÜT.

47, Heathmere Drive, Chelmsley Wood
Birmingham Alba B37 5EH 

Dear Sir,
I'm an expert in Finance, Investments, Assets Collateralize and Banking. I am a mandate to a provider company and in direct communication with the Lessor of some major banking instruments such BG- SBLC-LC -DLC. The provider company is also one of the main entities with World's Top Organizations and operate under the Capital & Investments Arm providing Finance for viable projects or business.

Kind revert to have  our working terms for further proceedings.

Email :

With Regards,
Erkan SÜGÜT.
President / CEO ERK Assets
International Financial Experts.

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