Beware of Delhi Airport..

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Desi Raja   
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 06-10-05 20:06:09

I recently flew out of Delhi by Air France and noticed that the airline lost its baggage.After a long investigation, they found out that the bag was not even loaded in Delhi and when I approached some top guys in Paris Baggage handling they unofficially told me that there has been too manu instances of baggages being stolen in Delhi Airport and particularly happens to people who check-in close to departure time.

Pls ensure you are not the last to check-in particularly at Delhi...

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 07-10-05 10:22:50

Here is a scoop that many people may not be aware. I am an extensive overseas business traveller. I once flew Air France Toronto - Paris - Stuttgart - Paris - Mumbai - Paris - Toronto.

Except for the Paris - Mumbai leg, Air France lost/delayed my baggage upto 3 to 5 days. Upon researching, many have reported delayed baggage when traveling via Air France and info has it that baggages never get transferred in Paris on time.

My company now has a travel advisory for its employees not to fly Air France and not to connect thro' Paris. The thing about Delhi may not be true.

The French seem to manage to maintain their reputation :(

On the other hand, try transferring via Amsterdam. It is PHENOMENAL. Even with connection times sometimes as low as 45 min, and after travelling at least 15 times via AMS, I have never had a lost/delayed baggage so far.


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Guys ever travelled American via Chicago? It happened five times. Luggage never reached Vanouver in time. So it is not only in Delhi (if it is).

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I had a nightmare with AF, i flew out of atlanta-paris-delhi, the transit time between flights in paris was 1.5 hr, the flight got delayed by 1 hr, byt the time we reached there, the French AF folks made us run with all the hand luggage, it was a nightmare..none of escalators were working(we had 2 heavy handbags..yes we were going to India) when we entered the flight there was no space to keep our handbags..we had to stuck them beneath our seats since AF wanted to kick off the flight..i spent the next 9 hrs totally uncomfortable....when we reached delhi one of the bags was missing, it had electronic items..luckily it was recovered ..the bag fully ripped and the stuff all out...

Good news was i filed a claim and got 200 Rs


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