Let us go back in time...

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-10-05 10:59:01

when papa used to take us to buy course books at the start of every year....
when one song from a coloured film in chitrahaar was enough to make our day....
when one person had to climb to the terrace to adjust the TV antennae while the others gave him directions....
when watching 5 films at a stretch on a rented video was the coolest thing....
when mummy used to send us to the neighbour for "dahi ka khatta"....


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-10-05 12:54:02

When having 2 vacations in a year was a given, now you have to ask for it & lucky if you get it.

Playing cricket before rushing for our tuition classes was fun.

Sitting with friends every evening & having fun, drinking sometimes when mood hota tha & sometimes when mood nahi hota tha.

Going for garba every year wishing that you could pataofy a girl this year ....

Waiting for letters earlier, now it is instant messaging & email.

List is endless.



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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-10-05 13:14:22

My interpreation to my days back in childhood would be

Amitabh was the undoubted superstar. Rajesh Khanna was already No.2

When Kishore Kumar was the top male singer.

When Pancham gave his best creation.

When going to movie means standing in a long line to get a ticket and sometimes coming back due to a housefull theatre.

TV was something that was only black & white and you watched only when you went to your relatives in Bombay

Entertainment meant listening to radio. Top 25 means listening to a fuzzy Radio Ceylon

When Bombay was Bombay, Calcutta was Calcutta, Madras was Madras

When we had aluminium bags and not backpacks to carry to school. And inside cover of the bag was supposed to be adorned with hundreds of stickers

When there was no concept of global warming. Winters were cold and we had to wear sweaters. Holi was officially the arrival of spring.

There were Vinyl records. Two-in-ones were becoming popular. THere were no CDs

Meghal :D

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-10-05 15:05:49

Orginally posted by meghal

When Kishore Kumar was the top male singer.

Meghal :D

I think this thread should be named "koi laute de mere beete hue din......." after the great maestro.

I have only 2 cents to contribute, not a cent more, not a cent less ;-)

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-10-05 15:18:44

Orginally posted by my2cents

Orginally posted by meghal

When Kishore Kumar was the top male singer.

Meghal :D

I think this thread should be named "koi laute de mere beete hue din......." after the great maestro.

How correct!



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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-10-05 16:51:33

When ration lines used to be long for a bag of rice or sugar.

When you got a phone connection after 5 years.

When there used to be milk shortage all the time.

When every other phone call would be wrong number.

When Interest rates on Home loans were 18 %.

When Power used to available to only a select few cities.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-10-05 20:31:56

Good one.

For me one simple thing reminds me best of India.
You can step out of your home and stand at the corner paan shop and have a chat.

I once made a mistake, but I was wrong about it.

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