Airport drop question and suggestions.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-11-05 09:55:52

Chinese have the most affordable soulutions for everything... Not that i am a big fan of chinese goods, but why not take advantage of the cheap service they offer... I have amanged pickup from airport twice for $25 each in a van. If everybody are interested (I doubt anybody isnt?) I will list down a few numbers you can call. You will have to make around 5~10 calls depending where you live, what time you move, your luggage etc... They are mostly students and have time at odd hours. The price ranges between $25 ~ $35, you have to bargain and make sure they reach (by calling them atleast once on the day before scheduled move).

I had asked a few desi ride operators, but didnt workout well. So lets enjoy the chinese service till it lasts.

I dont have the list at hand, will post it ASAP.

Try your luck.

PS. Great offer by VJ though..hats off to you.

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VJ is Great! :cheers:

As for taxiwalla charging $50, it is his profession.
How much time he has to wait to get a passenger, what about depreciation of vehicle, taxes, repair and maintenance, license fees, parking and personal expenses to cater to. Unless one is doing something one does not appreciate the expenses involved.

And ofcourse one has to make some cool profit to survive through cold winter of Toronto!


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-11-05 17:22:44


Thanks much for the offer..But, i will have to pass keeping in view of my huge baggage, wife and a baby ...besides, i cannot forgive myself for making you drive all that distance..:car ...Hey, we should get together for a hot cuppa coffee sometime...

Faizal bhai, Thanks much for the TTC map...i plan to do a dry-run on the option#2 sometime this Thursday and will post back my experience and thus pave way for hesitant CDs to use this option on your wayout or way in...

My mistake, if i have given the impression that i am trying to save a few bucks on taxi by listing the alternatives.

CDs have always found a way to create a path where none exists. Travelling on the road less taken, so to speak. I was hoping to draw out ideas since all of us *have* to travel via the airport at some point or other.

i totally agree that we spend close to thousands on our airfare alone. But, then we all have gone through the phase of trying to get the best deal by getting quotes from numerous ticket agents. Finally, settling for an inexpensive quote even if it means a savings of 10$ or 20$.
Now, what good is it trying to save 20$ if we :kaioken: 150$ on taxi(departure & arrival from airport)?..(sorry, that blowing up icon was too good to pass..;) )

No doubt, the taxiwalla has to make a living. But, then it comes at my cost. Consider this, a taxi in the vicinity of your house will take your call and drop you off at the airport for 60$ and airport being a hot pickup zone for passengers the return trip is also made at a profitable cost for the taxiwalla. I have in the past come across :evil: taxiwallas playing mind games to drive me from airport to home..bad karma there.

having read many posts here...i can safely say that there are many CDs here for whom 60$ bucks means a lot.

As mentioned by hchheda, chinese have found/finding a alternative by employing a private service..i am sure we desis can do better..No?:huh:

ultimately, when the time comes for a person to make a trip to the airport, i feel there should be readily available alternatives...:up:

This Thursday, i hope to do a dry-run on using the TTC to the airport and will post my experience to see if the timings work in our favor.



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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-11-05 19:30:33

Since seneppa started it may be CD's can answer how i can make it to the airport at the least rate.
I am going to india on dec. 24th at 17:05 by Air france. I have a baby (4 months old on that date) and wife + 4 suitcases + 3 hand luggage. How do i get to the airport in that cold weather.
Remember that the baby needs a baby seat till the airport.
How did other CD's handle this situation?
Thanks in advance for any answers

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-11-05 21:18:18

Seems like CD needs a taxi service now.:p

I once made a mistake, but I was wrong about it.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-11-05 22:54:44

Howdy tamilkuravan thambi!!

Great to hear that you are also visiting motherland this dec...I am also on Air France for 1630$....Hope you got a good deal..:p

Just wait until Thursday....i will tell you how my \\\\'simulated experimental dry-run\\\\' Aka SEDR goes....then you decide;)

mercury bhai,
are u suggesting a new business idea for our Entrepreneual desi minds?:D


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-11-05 23:42:33

Orginally posted by seenappa

Thanks for the offer VJ,

I really appreciate your offer..I am in scarborough, hope you dont live too far..

Not many replies....i was thinking perhaps CDs have some special way of getting around this problem...

has anyone ever tried my option 2 of taking a TTC to the airport?



Hi Seneppa,

Well, I live in Mississauga (Near Dundas & Hwy10). Send me your exact address please. Now another option can be...

Put 2 heavy bags in my car, Your wife and your child (or you and your child) can be dropped straight to the airport and the remaining person can leave by local transit to reach well in time.

Secondly, if your departure date is on Tuesday, I come to SCARBORUGH every tuesday (SHEPPARD AVE & Nugget Ave) and leave by 12:30 PM.

Hence, give me your details of the departure.



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