Shifting file CHC delhi to London (April 2002 skill applicant)

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Dear Sir,
I am april 2002 applicant from CHC delhi. I have my IELTS score ( 7.5) all categories more than 7
Recently on applying on point system I got HSMP visa For UK. Did come to UK last month & have landed up job in my own feild. Basically based on HSMP I can stay permenetly in UK.
Now recently I am seeing that processing time in for canadian immigration from Delhi is again increased from 42 to 52 months just for IA. I fear time will be even more
Sir let me know few points

1> Can I shift my application from delhi to london
2> If hopefully so, will it benifit me saving processing time my getting processed from Delhi to london.
3> What exact is the process to shift this file.



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Impressive score, huh?! If you can, proceed without delay in transferring your file to UK. The benefits are innumerable, from time savings to possible waiver. But not sure about the implications and impact of your UK HSMP. May need a second opinion.



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File transfer is no longer possible. You'll have to re-apply all over again [and submit in LOndon].

Massood Joomratty, LLB(Hons), LLM" target="_blank">Your Canadian Immigration Lawyer" rel="nofollow">LINK

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