Places for Picnic and Summer time fun in and around Toronto

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Garvo Gujarati   
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The Pinery

Total Est. Time: 3 hours, 9 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 144.03 miles

Swimming Description of beach -Sandy and gravel
Description of water - Shallow.
Is there a buoyed area - No
Length of beach - 10 km
Change facilities - No

One of the biggest attractions of Pinery is the 10 kilometers (or 6 miles) of beach. The park is on the second largest Great Lake and the waters of Lake Huron are clean and clear.

The sandbars offshore create a shallow wading area perfect for playing in the gentle surf. Children will love playing in the sand and parents will appreciate the safe, family atmosphere of the beach

Dunes and Burley Campgrounds are both within easy walking distance, and washroom facilities are located next to large convenient parking lots.

Visitor Centre - Yes.
Barrier Free Access - Laundromat, Park Store, Visitor centre, Nature trails, Showers, Flush Toilets.
Cedar Trail ( 2.3 km) Journey through one of the rarest of North American habitats, Oak Savanna. A 1 km trail extension also provides the user with access to the shore of Lake Huron. All but the extension is wheelchair accessible. Surface is packed gravel.

Park Store - Yes. The park store offers a wide range of items from souvenir merchandise to groceries and camping necessities. There is also a fast food concession. The Friends of Pinery Park also operate a gift shop within the park.
Showers - Yes.
Flush Toilets - Yes.
Laundromat - Yes.
Rentals Cross Country Skis - Waxless cross-country skis, boots and poles are available to rent as a package. Cross-country ski rentals are normally available on the weekend from the store parking lot.
Watercraft - Canoes, hydro bikes, and single or double kayaks are available for rental.
Bicycles - Visitors to Pinery can rent a number of different types of bikes at the park including mountain bikes, coaster bikes, children's bikes, tandem bikes, and bicycle trainers. Rentals are by the hour or by the day. Prices range from $5-8 per hour or $15-30 per day.

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Garvo Gujarati   
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Total Est. Time: 3 hours, 8 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 180.77 miles

Description of beach - Sandy
Description of water - shallow and quite warm in summer. (both Lake and Bay)
Is there a buoyed area - Yes (on Rondeau Bay, off of Pier)
Length of beach - 8km (lakeside) and 5km (Bay Side)
Change facilities - No
Camping Campground opens April 1st and closes the last Sunday in October. 262 sites, 152 with electrical hook up.
Group Camping There are two group sites, #401 accommodates 12-60 people and #402 accommodates up to 40. Water must be brought in, and there are partajohns on site. The area is rustic and wooded, separate from the other campground. It is a 5 minute drive to both the beach and comfort stations. For reservations, call the park directly at (519) 674-1750.
Picnics and Day Use Rondeau has numerous picnic areas. Visitors can choose from picnic areas that are situated facing Lake Erie or Rondeau Bay.
Electric Sites - 152 sites with electricity,
Visitor Centre Year round Visitor Centre that is open daily. You can explore Natural History and live animal displays; listen to the sights and sounds of many species of birds from our bird viewing area, that overlooks a bird garden.
Barrier Free Access Showers, Comfort Station, Laundromat, Park Store, Visitor Centre,
Facilities Friends of Rondeau Bookstore, Visitor Centre washrooms, Tulip Tree Trail, Waterfowl hunting blind. (all-terrain wheelchair is available for use from the Visitor Centre)
Park Store Park Store sells a variety of sundry and camping supplies, as well as basic grocery items. They also provide numerous souvenir and clothing choices, which include the entire Ontario Parks Merchandise line. A fairly extensive snack bar is also available, where you can get your favourite fast food/junk food fix. Don't forget the ice cream! Check out what's new each week.
Visitors can also stop by the Friends of Rondeau gift store while at the Visitor Centre. They carry a variety of items for the Nature enthusiast
and souvenir hunter. For the avid birder, this is the place to look for field guides, check lists, bird feeders, clothing and much more. If you're looking for something unique for yourself or as a gift, this is the place to be. Watch for their annual Christmas sale.
Showers Yes. They are located in each of the comfort stations within the campground.
Flush Toilets All comfort stations are equipped with flush toilets. Remote areas, trails and during winter operation, facilities are equipped with drop tubes or utilize porta-johns.
Laundromat Yes. In each of the comfort stations in the campground.
Play Area 2 play areas, one located across from the campground beside the playground picnic shelter behind the churches, and has jungle gym type equipment. The second is located beside the North Bay picnic shelter on Rondeau Road and has numerous swings. Both have vault toilets nearby.
Boat Launch Yes and is located near the park entrance on Rondeau Bay. Due to flucuating water levels, the ramp is most suited to smaller watercraft. (19ft. and under) Larger watercraft ramp access, and boat slips are available nearby.

Rentals PFD Loan Service For a $25 refundable deposit, visitors can borrow a properly fitted PFD for themselves and their children. Staff can provide additional information and can outfit visitors with a PFD at the Main Gate.
OFAH Tackle Share For a $25 refundable deposit, visitors can borrow basic fishing equipment including a rod, reel and tackle to children and new anglers. Stop by the main office for more information.
Four picnic shelters can be reserved. (A fee does apply, contact the park office).

Off Season Main roadways plowed (some roads gated during winter season), Winter Fees charged, Washroom facilities available through use of vault toilets and porta-johns, Trails remain open, Visitor Centre open on weekends, Friends of Rondeau Bookstore open on weekends.

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Garvo Gujarati   
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Sharbot Lake

Total Est. Time: 3 hours, 25 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 168.71 miles

Fishing Walleye, bass, northern pike, perch and sunfish can be found in both lakes. Lake trout is found in Sharbot Lake.
CanoeingPaddle on the sheltered waters of Black Lake or tackle the larger Sharbot Lake. A short portage connects the two bodies of water. Canoes and kayaks can be rented in the park.
Wildlife Viewing Squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and raccoons call this park home. Harmless snakes, painted turtles, bullfrogs, leopard frogs and toads inhabit the wetland. Listen for the haunting call of the loon on the lake and for the songs of warblers and eastern phoebe in the woods.
Boating Sharbot Lake, with its excellent docks, is ideal for large boats and waterskiing. Black Lake is more suitable for smaller boats. Canoes and boats can be rented in the park.
Swimming Two sandy beaches located on Black Lake are great for swimming.
Camping There are 185 treed campsites, 29 with electricity and two that are barrier free. Large trailers can be accommodated in the Beach Front and Maple View campgrounds. A barrier-free comfort station with showers, drinking water and laundry facilities is among the amenities provided.
Picnics and Day Use A sandy beach, great swimming, a picnic shelter and a playground make the day-use area ideal for families. The picnic shelter may be rented for large gatherings.
Electric Sites - 29, in Maple Grove and Beach Front campgrounds
Barrier Free Access - Showers, flush toilets, two campsites
Park Store Ice, firewood, worms, and park souvenirs are available at the Park Store. For other supplies, visit the village of Sharbot Lake nearby.
Showers Yes, in the comfort station at the Maple Grove Campground.
Flush Toilets Yes, in the comfort station at the Maple Grove Campground.
Laundromat Washers and dryers are available at the comfort station at the Maple Grove Campground.
Play Area A playground with climbing equipment and swings is located near the picnic shelter at day-use area. A smaller playground for little tots is located on the beach between Maple Grove and The Point campgrounds.
Boat Launch The park has a boat launch on Black Lake and on Sharbot Lake.
Rentals - Canoes, kayaks, tents, trailer storage, life jackets
Off Season - Gated

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good information but the distance and time mentioned is from which place(toronto,miss,guelph.hamilton...........???):huh:


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Originally posted by Garvo Gujarati


For Ontario Parks, check this linky

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You are still a snow man.

It is spring now.

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