Is there a security in the Bangalore airport?

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When we arrived, I could see number of touts hanging around inside the secured area (customs/baggage belts) of the airport. They were not carrying any badges. So what the hell the Indian govt is talking abt oncreasing security at teh airports? In fact I wanted to call the airport authorities abt this. But, IMO, they are hand in glove with these touts.


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I had visited Coimbatore, Chennai and Bangalore airports very recently. IMO security is very lax there. At chennai airport, there is just one guard with Machime gun who is at the entry to the terminal point and he checks every passenger's passport and flight tickets and sends them in. Apart from this, i saw no security people with guns inside the airport.
At bangalore airport, security is also very lax. I could see no security with guns. There was a secuirty guard standing on the entrance gate but even then he would dissapear for periods of time and there is really no one to screen the legitimate passengers till the immigration area. So till this area, any tom, dick or Harry can walk scott free. Also in Bagalore airport, the boarding pass issuing counter is very funny. The boarding pass issuing counter backs on to the entrance area (separated by glass partitions) and all your luggage ends up there (check-in). From this area, a person (of the airport), physically carries it to the plane.
Overall, the security at the south indian airports is more of a joke / redicule than anything else. If people wanted to cause the destruction of these airports/ planes then it is very easy to do so. i guess it may only be a matter of time before these people might do so. So it is up to the govt. to provide a more sensible protection to the airports.

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