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I have the following question on dual citizenship:

I became a canadian citizen in 2005. I still have not done anything with my indian passport. Is there a process whereby I can apply for the cancellation by mail? I checked the indian consulate website,but, could not find anything on this. This is a priority since I plan to apply for the dual citizenship soon for me and my kids.

Thanks for any advice


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India does not recognize dual citizenship. This has been said before several times. What India has is OCI - Overseas Citizen of India. Upon approval, you would get a stamp in your Cdn passport noting your OCI status and a registration bookletthat looks like an Indian passport.

You still have to use Cdn passport for all international travel.

Also, when you visit the Indian High Commission nearest to you for, say, visa application or any other application, they will ask for your Indian passport and cancel that passport and return it to you. Hope this helps.


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If you look at the Indian consulate website it has pretty much all the information you need to your questions. It has been stated a zillion time that India DOES NOT offer dual citizenship.
I don't know why people keep posting the same questions a million times.

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I guess my question is being mis-interpreted here. My question is not about dual citizenship, it is about the process of cancelling the old indian passport.

I am aware of the fact that India does not issue dual citizenship and what is being given is just a status.

Thanks for the responses.


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All Overseas Indians will be now eligible for Overseas Citizenship of India(OCI) commonly known as Dual Citizenship in India. Delivering the inaugural address at the opening of the third Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas 2005 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said: "The government has decided to offer dual citizenship to all overseas Indians who migrated from the country after January 26, 1950, as long as their home countries allow dual citizenship under their law." Around 2,500 overseas Indians arrived for the three-day event, which is being held in the backdrop of the tsunami devastation in southern Indian coasts and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Mr. Singh said the government had received several representations against the original approach of notifying some selected countries for OCI.

Announcing extension of the facility to all overseas Indians, he said: "A day will come when every single overseas Indian who wishes to secure Indian citizenship will actually be able to do so." He pledged himself to work in that direction.

Mr. Singh said the "government will also simplify the application forms for citizenship for overseas Indians". A new user-friendly form combining the three forms prescribed earlier had also been evolved and would be notified soon, he said.

Under the OCI, the Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) are granted the Indian citizenship and get all benefits, but they cannot vote in Indian elections.
In fact, the process of granting OCI to Indian expatriates has already begun. Manju R Jehu, a resident of Australia, became the first PIO to be listed for OCI on November 1, when the Indian Embassy in Australia registered her in the presence of Mr Tytler. Parliament amended the Citizenship Act for the purpose last year.

Due to security reasons, the OCI facility was extended to PIOs of 16 countries only - Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Republic of Cyprus, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States of America. Now it will be available to all PIOs across the world. There has been a demand from overseas Indians to grant voting rights as well but this has been specifically denied under the provision of OCI.

According to officials of the newly set up Ministry of Overseas Indians Affairs:

An expatriate holding OCI does not require visa for travel to India. That person will however need to present passports of both the countries while traveling to and from India.

Once a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) gets OCI, he is issued a registration certificate and an overseas citizen passport. This passport along with the passport of the country of which he is resident and a citizen, is necessary for travel to India.

There is no need of going through registration formalities for staying in the country, which a foreigner is required to undergo.

A dual citizen does not need separate documentation for admission in colleges/institutions or for taking employment.

The dual citizens have been granted parity with non-resident Indian in respect of facilities available to the latter in the economic, financial and educational field.

The children of dual citizens can avail of the facilities for obtaining admission to educational institutions, including medical colleges, engineering colleges, Its, Items, etc. under the general category.

The dual citizen can also avail facilities under the various housing schemes of the LIC, state government and other government agencies.

The OCI seeks to remove the obstacle in travel to and from India and permit investment in business ventures and foster a greater sense of belonging. It also seeks to facilitate easy technology transfer.

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