B.E(Comp. Sc.) + MBA moving to Canada from Australia

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I am a Computer Engineer (From Pune University) with Graduate Diploma of Business (Marketing) and MBA from Australia.

I am an Australian Citizen at present in India (Trading in the stock market) however will very soon be moving to Canada.

I was wondering if someone can advise me on getting started with my career in Canada. I am 35 years old and have worked in India in Sales with Wipro nfotech and Unicorp. In Australia I have worked with Satyam Computers as Business Manager however later I setup my own business (into different fields - such as Satellite Dish installation, Home Loan Broker & Distribution ).

In total I have been self employed for over 4 years now. Can someone show me the path to building a career in Canada ?

I would also appreciate if someone can advise me on the following:
1. How to get Public Services jobs ? Any training institute for the same ?
2. How to apply for state government jobs in canada ?

Cheers !!

Gurpreet Singh

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here is the reply..

Canada is not good for employment..what i m hearing here..is that india has far more better opportunities than US and Canada..i know still dollar factor is important but u shud think twice..

1. How to get Public Services jobs ? Any training institute for the same ?
dont have any idea
2. How to apply for state government jobs in canada ?
people mostly go into private sector..

Can u tell me y u didnt like australia..?

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Hi Manty

Thanks for your response. I came back to India because of my parents. As per the immigration policy of Australia I could not take my parents to Australia.

Am moving to Canada as I have been advised that Canada is far more linient with PR for parents.

Warm regards

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HI Gurpreet

It is laudable that you gave up your career and lifestyle in Australia to be with your parents. Canada may be more lenient than Australia in admitting parents, but the current waiting time for sponsoring parents from India is between 3-5 years.

When it comes to provincial (state) jobs, you have to monitor the recruiting section of their websites and keep on applying, hoping that your resume catches their eye.

Another opportunity could be in the police force. There is a concerted effort to increase minority representation in that sector and there are various training institutes which help you prepare for the recruiting process.

You seem to be a pretty enterprising person and there could also be a place for you in the real estate arena, based on your past experience. It all depends on your networking abilities and willingness to stick it out.


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Thx for your advise. I have already started working on your advise.

Thanks once again.

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I hear currently it takes abt 5 yrs to parent's sponsorship..!
What is the plan then? You are going to migrate.. get a job and make yourself eligible so that would be at least 40K in earnings in first yr and then sponsor them and wait?? How is that any better? you coulda gotten aussie citizenship in 3 yrs and then gotten over to US on E3 or gotten them sponsored after you became citizenship.. no?

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Hi Windsor Boy

For some reason I have USA phobia that is why I never even took Software Engineering jobs in USA.

I am after lifestyle and not money hence like Australia / Canada. When I move to Canada I will most likely buy a business. Do you know the requirements (like size of business, turnover etc.) to sponsor parents ?

Appreciate your help.

Thanks and Regards

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