Documents to be filed by parents for Immigration in family Immig category

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 12-10-06 20:52:34

My parents will be sending their application to Delhi shortly for immigration in family category- one of the documents asked to be submitted is marriage certificate. My parents do not have a marriage certificate like many other elderly people in India.

However my mothers' s passport shows my father as spouse and similarly my father's passport shows my mother as spouse- aslo my passport and my marriage certificate show the name of my parents- are these sufficient proof for relationship or Delhi will insist for a marriage certificate of my parents?

Shall appreciate if anyone who had used a document other than marriage certificate as proof of relationship can advise me.


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Your parents will have to go to the court and get marriage certificate. Even its dated for this year it doesn't matter, Immigration must have the marriage certificate. My parents had to do the same thing.

Good luck

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Dear Moderators,

Can you please move this posting to \" Ask Immigration Expert\" section please.

Khooshi suggested that my parents may apply even now to get the marriage certificate- however, my parents are here in Canada for the next 6 months on a visit and if they can proceed with filing application with the documents they have ( mentioned in my first posting) which clearly shows their relationship as wife and husband, we will be saving processing time of 6 months.

Shall appreciate feedback.


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Just FYI. My father didn't have the birth certificate.
So we just write on a piece of paper that it's too hard for us to get that and all of his documents show his data of birth.
And canadian consulate accepts it.

If it's hard for you to get that why not send them a letter.If they don't accept than go for court to marriage certificate because the late you apply the late you get immigration.

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You are OK if your father does not have birth certificate. Just mention date of birth wherever it is required

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HI Vijay

So what other documents besides marriage certificate were requested. What is the processing time since your parents submitted their documents at delhi.

all the best

smile ...

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 05-12-06 22:04:23

We were asked to provide parents birth certificates and police clearance certificates along with their passport copies. ( In addition to application and photos)

I applied for immigration of my parents in December 2003 and got clearance from cPC Mississauga in October 2006. It took longer for me (by about 6 months) as I was self-employed at the time of my sponsorship application and I was told by CPC Mississauga that self-employed sponsorship cases are dealt in a separate section where processing times are longer.

I am looking for feedback from other members whose parents’ immigration is recently cleared to know the timelines we can expect for medicals and visa stamping


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