Marriage certificate to be filed for Immigration in family Immig category

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My parents will be sending their application to Delhi shortly for immigration in family category- one of the documents asked to be submitted is marriage certificate. My parents do not have a marriage certificate like many other elderly people in India.

However my mothers' s passport shows my father as spouse and similarly my father's passport shows my mother as spouse- also my passport and my marriage certificate show the name of my parents- are these sufficient proof for relationship or Delhi will insist for a marriage certificate of my parents?

My parents are here in Canada for the next 4 months on a visit and if they can proceed with filing application with the documents they have which clearly shows their relationship as wife and husband, we will be saving processing time of 4 months. Can you please advise if it is a good idea to proceed with filing application with these documents or it is advisable to wait for 4 months and apply when they go back to India after obtaining marriage certificate?

I am expecting PCC from Indian consulate in a couple of days for my parents and shall appreciate your reply.


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In lieu of marriage certificate, you can give an affidavit to the same effect which will be treated in lieu of the marriage certificate.
I have known many hindu's who get married in the temple at the village and then produce an affidavit of marriage which is considered as a marriage certificate. They have used the same for immigration to Canada .
For more details, let your parents visit the local Thasildar office / Court and the brokers there will do the needful for a couple of hundred bucks.
As you have asked, You can submit the application now and then send the affidavit for marriage when asked for. You can send an explaining note. CIC will not stop the process of immigration for simple matters such as this (FYI, My application was processed without a PCC and Birth cert.) Your parents can then head to India and get the affidavit and you can send it to CIC when got.
All the best & hope this has helped you.

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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