IMPORTANT : New Canadian Citizens visiting India for the first time...

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Originally posted by seenappa

If you are an OCI, they stamp a lifelong visa on your Canadian passport in addition to the OCI booklet (like a mini-passport)

If you are a PIO, they do not stamp any visa on the passport, so you have to carry the PIO booklet.

They are not handing out any laminated cards for the PIO/OCI holders.

A quick you said, I got the lifelong visa on my Canadian passport in addition to the OCI booklet ..

But, what if your canadian passport expires within 5 years and your new canadian passport is without the lifelong OCI stamp in it...will this not pose a problem in india?



the call center person said that you have to carry the old passport with oci visa new passport and also oci booklet when the old passport is expired

for pio just go to the conuslate and ask them to print new passport number in the pio booklet

having pio means that old passport issued from india is already cancelled when they gave pio so no need to carry that in my poinion   
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Yes , the OCI stamped Visa on the Canadian PP is very important.

The OCI booklet is just a joke , they should get rid of it , as it only confuses people. They think that's enough to enter India.

You need BOTH ..OCI booklet + OCI stamped Visa on Canadian PP ..Carry the old expired Canadian PP with you & the new one if the OCI stamp is on the old expired Canadian PP.

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