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If you have been cursed with a logical brain I would suggest that you stay away from TRP (the whole title is too painful to repeat). RV (Saif) is a tire changer in a race track who one day steps into a taxi cab in hot pursuit of god knows what (this is not communicated till the end of the movie). A bengali babe (Rani) gets into the cab at that very moment and our gallant race driver races down the streets of new york without being once stopped by a police car to GOD KNOWS WHERE AND WHY. He gets out and slathers himself all over the bengali babe and its love at first sight. I wish they would have had an interval at that point so that people could go out and vomit.

But anyway in the same day our hero gets himself an assignment as a race driver AND meets the woman of his dreams. Now I dont know about you guys but I have had to struggle really hard to get a good job and even harder to find my life partner. But to have it all happen in the same cab at the same instant calls for another vomit break.........

Now as far as I know New York City has a population of over 8 million people and the chances of bumping into the same stranger twice are 1 in 4 million but our hero manages to do it not only once but twice........and finally weds his beau in a.....you got it .................a speeding car.

Flash forward and the couple has 2 beautiful kids...when will Bollywood directors realize that portraying cute kids with above average maturity and smartness is passe ? Anyway RV has been a champion race driver for over 8 years but doesnt own a single thing...not even the clothes on his back....looks like all those millions are being spent on the lousy special effects in the movie.

So its to the poorhouse for our cute family.....where they live without water and food (melodramatic music in the background). The hero pledges to go to work for a rival race car outfit but ends up as a cab driver.

The rest of the story is so full of cliches and inane dialogue that you want to almost get in a race car yourself to drive the hell out of the theatre.

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Actually Saif runs into Rani 3 times within a few hours. Once in the cab, 2nd time while she is dating, has 3 glasses of wine, and steps out to a song and dance routine, and 3rd time the fol day while he is running away from his landlord.

So he weds HIS BEAU- thought beau usually referred to the guy and 'belle' to the lady. Anyway, mincing words...

Anyway, thought the movie was fantastic! Hackneyed theme though of reaching the heights then down to the dregs and how an emergency brings out the best in him again and he hits the big time once again. But then I flash on seeing such a theme.

Rocky did it in the space of several movies. This was in one- reflecting the fast pace of the speeding cars perhaps?

Not a flick to watch over and over again like Rocky 4,but it has its merits.

Gonna see Stan Lee's Spidey. They say it's better than 1 and 2. Seen it yet?

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We saw Spiderman last night
sorry to hijack the thread - but part 3 is good. Not better than the first two.. the same.

~ Morning rain

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Tara rum or whatever...that crap is exclusively for retards. Movies like Black Friday on the other hand makes watching hindi movies a gratifying experience. I can name many more good hindi movies but I hope you get the drift....

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thx newton for you review :clap: , now i dont have to waste my money on crappy movie. thats y i dont watch hindi movies much.
i saw spidy 3 this weekend n it's ok, not gud as first part. now i'm waiting for rush hour 3 :cheers:

Inderpal Singh
Sorry - yesterday was the deadline for all complaints

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On the contrary, I found the movie quite watchable - may not be a classic, but good movie to watch with family, especially with Kids - no skin flicks, no double meaning cheap dialogues, very clean good movie :cheers: :clap: :clap: - if we do not dwell deep into logic of every scene (there never is in most of movies either hollywood or bollywood). The only drawback I noticed - not a single humable song...:(

Would recommend atleast 1 viewing...

When is RH-3 releasing?


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Originally posted by hchheda

When is RH-3 releasing?


it's releasing on aug 10 i think.

Inderpal Singh
Sorry - yesterday was the deadline for all complaints

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