"National" Parties in India

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The Communist Party of India (Marxist), has suspended Mr. Achyutanandan the party Chief Minister in Kerala State and Mr. P. Vijayan the state party secretary from their Politburo membership, for their public spat. The Kerala CM has also accepted his suspension in the right spirit.
Will it not be better if the other national parties also follow the same dictum, in the case of river water disputes between states. For example, the Congress and the BJP speak in different voices in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The truth is that the parties are only deceiving the people of both the states. Mr. Venkiah Naidu, who was spoken of as one of the probable PM candiadates after Mr. Vajpayee during the last elections (which the BJP lost ), was one of the members of the delegation from Karnataka which met the PM, which criticised the award of the Tribunal and urged its non-implementation. The senior leaders of political parties claiming to be “national” parties cutting across the provinces should rise above local goonda leader politics and must be bold enough to state that in such matters, the verdict of Supreme Court and bodies like the River Water Trubunal will be final and binding. And any leader deviating from national interests and speaking in parochial terms must be suspended from party membership. For ultimately, the interests of poor and illiterate agricultural labour in either states must be kept in mind. Anything other than that will only pave way for the disintegration of the nation.


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