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Originally posted by Milindk82

Hi everyone,
I just received my Canadian citizenship and was thinking of getting OCI. However someone told be about 1 of its disadvantage and i want to confirm if its true.

With an OCI, if you are in india and u fall sick/have an accident ( maybe seriously ) then the Canadian govt does not help you at all. As u have an OCI, ur ALSO an Indian citizen because of ur OCI and hence its not canadian govt's responsibility if anything bad happens to you while you are in india.

However if u just have the Canadian citizenship ( No OCI) and ur in india and something wrong happens like accident or anything serious health related, then the Canadian govt supports u for the medical fees/coverage etc.

Can someone please advice if this health related issue is true.


this is a really good question...
im gonna apply for citizenship as well next month, and i wanted to know that..if i get PIO or OCI card, how long can i stay in india? can i stay more than a year and come back here...will there be any probelm from either canadina part or indian?
thanx for advice.

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I am also thinking of applying for OCI. What could be the potential dis-advantages of being a OCI?

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If you live in Ontario and covered under OHIP your (only) EMERGENCY medical expenses will be reimbursed upto 6 months of your stay outside Canada, after that your OHIP coverage will be expired. The reimbursed amount for any particular procedure/service may not exceed the amount set by Ministry of Health for same type of services provided in Canada. You are eligible for this amount regardless your dual citizenship. To avail this facility you must be a Canadian Citizen or PR.

I am sure still you guys remember Canadian Government rescue operation for its citizens from Jordan in 2006. Most of those “so called” citizens were living in Jordan for years together as a Dual citizens and when they were attacked Canadian Government rescued them without any hesitation and regardless their dual citizenship status.

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Originally posted by RESP

I am sure still you guys remember Canadian Government rescue operation for its citizens from Jordan in 2006. Most of those “so called” citizens were living in Jordan for years together as a Dual citizens and when they were attacked Canadian Government rescued them without any hesitation and regardless their dual citizenship status.

I think you meant Lebanon....


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As already stated correctly by some members that India DOES NOT grant dual citizenship. OCI card is NOT indian citizenship.

If you decide to take up Indian citizenship after getting OCI card and meeting their requirement of having the card for 5 years and living a year in India, etc, you have to renounce your Canadian citizenship. So it is not possible to be citizens of both India and Canada at the same time.

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Hi !
I was recently at the passport office applying for canadian passport . While waiting I picked up some brochures on "Travelling Abroad" .. This brochure clearly mentions that Canadian govt strongly advise to travel immigrated Canadians on visa rather than on there native passports . They also mentioned that if person is travelling on native documents CHC cannot provide any kind of help in case of exigencies . This brochure is easily available on stands in PP office if someone wants more specific information .

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So if i have an OCI and i go to india and say i fall seriously sick, then the canadian govt will still help me out with the medical expenses upto 6 months of stay in india. After that im not eligible for OHIP benefit. So after 6 months even canadian citizens ( on visa, no OCI) dont get any medical help from the govt, except for evacuation if something wrong happens in india which is rare as the situations in india are not as bad as lebanon/jordan.

i heard there was an incident when an Indian with Canadian citizenship while in india fell seriously sick ( or accident maybe) and the Canadian govt flew him from India to Canada with all expenses paid. The fees is not a big deal, but medical expenses are.

If u get admitted even in a decent hospital ull easily end up spending $1000 for a weeks stay + medicine' and if it is not covered when u have an OCI then its a big expense.


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