need a lawyer in Montreal

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In brief, at the time of rent increase I refused it and I renewed the lease. Later, I was forced by the landlord to cancel the lease and find another apt. due to her verbal abuse and harrassment. I called the police and told regie but in vain. Now the situation is that she violates the conditions in visiting the apt. for a new tenant. What happened last Sun. ,June 10, at 9pm is that she knocked at the door in a severe way and asked me to open the door. There were no previous notice at all. I was half naked and my daughter get so scared. I don't know what to do with the landlord. I need your help knowing that she did the same last year for another tenant who has a file at the Regie office.Thanks

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Landlords do increase rent and it is a fact! As a matter of fact landlords have to follow guidelines to increase the rent.

Having said that, landlord is obliged to give 90 days notice of a rent increase. The amount of advance notice can vary depending on the type of tenancy - weekly, month-to-month or yearly. A rent increase is void without proper notice stating when the increase comes into effect. If the landlord does not give enough notice, the tenant can refuse to pay the rent increase until the landlord gives proper notice.

There may be an advocacy agency that can help you. These organizations offer a variety of services to tenants. They will often explain tenants' rights, help tenants respond to landlord complaints, and protect the renter if the complaints are unreasonable or untrue. Check with your territorial rental authority to find out if tenant advocacy groups operate in your community.

If you are unsatisfied with a rental situation or landlord, contact your local rental authority and follow the proper steps. Refusing to pay rent without court approval is unadvisable, as withholding rent can get you evicted!

Yes, Do Not Withhold Rent and keep your side clean.

Take it easy!

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