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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 13-06-07 19:02:58

Off late I find that the site is not very easy to navigate. For example if I want to got to classifieds page from charcha I have to go to the home page again. Can I not just go to classifieds from the charcha page itself. Or am I missing something?

I just realised this is at the bottom of the page. How stupid of me to think that you would miss out such a point! But can you shift that bar to the top for easier navigation.

Secondly the home page off late looks like a 'collage'. It does not have a sleek look of one of the most popular desi web sites in NA!

Your views are appreciated.

Garvo Gujarati   
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-06-07 08:43:05


I appreciate your feedback.

These are the reasons behind the changes.

1. Many people commented that the site is missing professional touch
2. The addition of new sections made the navigation menus appearing on the top very long
3. Users were struggling to find the section (putting ads in wrong section etc)
4. There was no much graphics on the home page, except the picture of day

So I tried to solve the problem. I studied many sites and thought this should be good for most users.

Now for your point on Navigation, Yes it would be hard for someone to go to the home page to go to another section. I studied sites having multiple sections, each very popular and they do have same kind of navigation. Big example is yahoo. Another desi site doing this is Sulekha. We can have the navigation appearing at bottom on the top also, however it will occupy lot of space on all the page, and not many people might be interested in that. For people using low resolution screens, have to scroll every time to look for the information. I want to avoid that situation. What I can do is - to develop some sort of pop up menu that does not occupy any space but still serves the purpose.

We do have an alias site with the kind of navigation you are asking for. You can keep using it till we solve it.

Home page looking like collage? Good point. Let me think about it. However can you please let me know your suggestions?

What others are saying?


A Proud Indian Canadian

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