us visitor visa for my spouse

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 29-06-07 01:30:50

hi i am a canadian citizen and about to apply for my wife she have a pr card right now what will be the requirments for her,she dont work so we dont have any job letter or stuff like that but she do have a bank account with me its a joint account and she have 3-5 credit cards too,and my question is that's that she dont speak english at all so would they let me get in there with her in the consulate office so i can speak behalf of her and as i wrote before she dont work what will be the major requirments for her will be my family lives in usa so thatz why she want to go and we do have a 13 months old daughter too

so what will be the chances of her to get the visa and requirments help me out here thank you

Member since: Jun 04
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 29-06-07 01:35:43

reply please

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Go to this link and find answers to your questions>


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