South Asians Professionals Awards Night

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Vikas Gupta   
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 08-02-04 15:41:16

Dear So Called Desi's

Here is an amazing news for all of U.

We as a team called SAP is organizing First Professionals Awards Night on 21st Feb, 2004 at Woodbine Banquet Hall in GTA.

This is gonna be attended by professionals as well established businessmen of Toronto and surrounding areas.

We have got fantastic response for this event.

Actually the purpose for such activity is to bring all the budding professionals as well newly immigrated professionals on a common platform where they get enough opportunity to learn and know career opportunities from the established fellow Asians.

The Logo for the event is:


Aggressive ethnical media advertising for the event picked up last week by getting substantial space / slots in Hindi Times, Voice Weekly, CanIndia, Midweek, ATN, Voice TV, Desi Doordarshan, Asian Connections Newspapers, Omni TV and few more media newspapers and tv channels.

We proudly say today, most of the above mentioned media groups are proud partners of our media sponsor team.

Tickets are moving faster than anticipated pace.

Any body who has interest to become member of SAP can contact me in person at 416-648-7393. Annual Membership fee is very nominal ($10 only) and is included in the event fee.

More details on SAP and the forth coming awards night shall be updated on this thread regularly.

Let us join hands and raise our professional career to prove Canada as Bed Of Roses as projected before coming here.

Waiting for your comments and support

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