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anyone who has migrated using the services of either , agents 2.sunrise immigration3.mig-point4.abhinav.Please share your experiences and also advice is it worth going with a consultant or lawyer if one has sufficient pass marks.Also if anyone can suggest any other good immigration consultants or lawyers with offices in India.Thanks.

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Hint 1)
On the charcha main page, there is a "Search in charcha" link.

Hint 2)
Your question has already been answered a number of times.

Hint 3)
Use hint 1 and hint 2.

Are you there?

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;) I like your reply Blue !


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They had taken my case up for student visa and was told that if the process doesnt go through i will be refunded my money in full.

I gave my papers in first week of may 2003 and the last dates to apply had just gone by ( for the college); I informed that to them but their agent said that they have links and will see my through; I had no option but to believe them.

In June 20 Around my Case for admission was rejected by Sheridan College so i e- mailed the college up for the reason and they said that My application was late even after their extended last date of May 31.(I was not aware of the extension) They said My application was received on June first week and when i went to my agency they had no answer why my application was delayed and claimed my Application was sent through speed post.

I applied through other agent and fortunately was very very lucky to be here .

I applied for a refund as they were not even able to get me addmission forget the visa stage.They said my application for refund is being processed .Its been 8 months now since I am here and my representative is continously visiting their office to get that same answer now i wonder is my cheque for refund is also coming through their speed post or what?

I even contacted the Head office in Missagauga when i said that i wanted to apply for immigration and told them about this ; they said our that particular branch is not that good and we have other complaints against it as well and all that crap and were trying to console me that don't worry this is the head office and we will adjust that amount in your case of immigration and i was being called a lot of times to apply for immigration.

When i called the immigration Canada(CIC ) they told me that one needs to stay a minimum of one year in Canada before one can apply for immigration but the person at the agency was still insiting that i can apply.I asked her to first see my refund through and then only i will do anything else and by now she might have probably known my intentions and told me to contact the branch for the refund and they cannot do anything about it.

I hope i receive my cheque through speed post soon.

If required to prove myself i have all the documents stating that my case was filed and the reasons can be confirmed by college why my case was rejected which can be scanned and e-mailed to anyone who doubts the authenticity of my case.

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just wanted to keep this post on first page so it grabs attention of more and more people.

Sucess is not an accident it is a result of hardwork with intelligence.

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see" rel="nofollow">LINK for my story

Use a immigration lawyer if you can afford it don't go through or use consultants even if they say they have a lawyer putting the case through for them.

The latest Canadian Laws makes it illegal for any consultants who are not directly registered with local Canadian governing bodies to handle immigration cases.

This means the company has to have a base in Canada and the rules for registering are very stringent. None of the Indian consultants can hope to get registered because they don't have the required background.

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