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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-02-04 12:41:53

I am convention refugee in canada.I received acceptance letter of convention refugee before one week.I received Forms of Permanent Residence along with letter.
I fill forms but there is option for IDENTITY DOCUMENTS.

Please guide me,how many IDENTITY DOCUMENTS requier with the application?I have no passport from my home country.

When i send them my application,how long time will they take for completing the process?
Is this process for PR card or?can i apply as URGENT application?
Can i get the refugee passport?

I want to say thank you in advance.
Masood Malik

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-02-04 12:54:42

Masood --

Here in my opinion - based on what you have said, I think you should seek legal advice.
A refugee case is much more complex than skilled worker or spousal cases, and I will not recommend that you try and figure it out all by yourself.
A small mistake can turn out to be very costly.
You should seek the help of a competent immigration lawyer, who routinely handles cases like yours.
Make sure you ask the lawyer about his/her experience in handling cases like yours, and not just regular skilled worker/spousal cases.
Ask him/her for references too - any lawyer with a good reputation will give you references of past or current clients.

This is just my opinion.

All the best.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-02-04 19:15:44

Thanks for your advise.Is there any one give me advice Immigration Experts.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-02-04 20:21:23

I find this post interesting simply because I am coming across a refugee status post for the first time.

I always thougt that for refugee status, everything is done by the government or immigration department to be precise because one would call himself refugee status immigrant only after the immigration has taken a refugee under their own umbrella (refuge) and they would look after you knowing very well that you might most probably not have access to a lot of documents/identity proofs etc. I would have never dreamt that you would need an immigration lawyer for the same.

While I doubt anyone, except perhaps Massood our lawyer friend can advise you on this forum, it would be a humble request to you to post your experience of the whole process - simply to increase our (members on this site) general knowledge about such cases.

If we can unite, we can be the greatest!

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 29-02-04 00:17:43

Masood Malik:

Complete the forms promptly. Explain to immigration about your ID documents. They probably already know that you do not have a passport.

The length of time after submitting all these papers will depend on the type of refugee claim you made; your claimed involvement (if any) with any group. CIC may have everything ready but they will definitely co-ordinate with CSIS for security clearance.

I can't give you any more advice by simply guessing the facts. Good luck!

Massood Joomratty, LLB(Hons), LLM" target="_blank">Your Canadian Immigration Lawyer" rel="nofollow">LINK

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