Urgently reply- Landing at Montreal with Federal skilled workers visa

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I have recently received PR visa under federal skilled workers catagory for Canada. Now, i got my job in Montreal. Can I directly land in Montreal with my Federal visa ? Will I face any problem with regard to my PR formality if I land at Montreal ?

Please reply urgently since i need to fly within next 15 days


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If you have PR under Federal category, you cannot land in the province of Quebec (which includes Montreal) and settle there.
For that, you need to immigrate through Quebec's own program.
You will need to land in some other province, complete your immigration formalities and then move to Quebec.
I vaguely recall that there used to be a time limit before you can move to Quebec after federal immigration.
I'm not sure if such a limit still exists or not.
Check the CIC website.

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I have done that without knowledge. And I was in big trouble by landing there. However, immigration officer was very nice and make in 1 sec that I did not know and I was innocent.
Its big story.

She have given me 2 choice, either go back to Toronto or Land in montreal and apply for quebec immigration and stay here. Generally, Like this case if you apply inside of quebec at that time you can get in 10 days to 1 month.
I landed from USA and my US H1b was I am not sure about to finish or finished. I had new H1b however, I need to get stamped. So i need to land somewhere.

I was so confused. I chose to land in montreal and see whatever happened. I did not know how can I go back to toronto from airport. I thoguth they are sending me to US back.. I did not understand all at tht movement.

Immigration officer told me you can go and obtain quebec immigration, I am writing letter to them and giving u as well. They told me to go without passport,as they can't stemp the visa. I was nurvous to go without as I had no relative, and all hotel booking etc to stay. So I requested can you please let me go with passport to show as ID, or else where i will stay.

Immigration officer can't allow to go with passoprt without stamped, but she did. I still don't understand.
Then, later I went to quebec office.. oh, quebec immigration officer was so rude. He just don't want to give visa.

Now, at my job; they ask me for stamped passport to work at HR. I did not have. I told all about my landing story. They though I am all making it up. HR person was working as lawyer before so he thought, i landed somehow and now asking them help.
However, comapny's vice president came for help..she just trusted me and she told to HR.. I know she is right. Let her work, and whatever papers she ask give her. She was italian..I always remember her help without knowing.

Then later, after job started I went to quebec immigration...office, officer just don't want to give immigration. he said you are not french, you don't know french so how you will stay here. I said, i will learn. I showed.. 3-5 sentances.. in french..still he said. no. you can't.
Then at the end, i told him..see if you will not give me visa, I will lose my job after 1 month.. then.. still he did not listen.

I told .. at airport they told me you will give it. Thank god, I have done some reaserach (at least then I learned before landing i shd know this).. and found that once federal apporve any visa .. state can't refuse.. so I told office, I know you can't refuse. so I want to see your manager. Then, he did not help me at all. and told me you come after 1 month or i will send you at your hotel your visa after 1 month.
He also given me excessue that .. the printer is always setup to print outside of country, so get it print inside of the country .. i have to do lots of procedure so thts why it will be 1 month.. you will not able to do anything..even if you go to my manager.. all bullsit.
I said, you can't send at hotel addresss, its not mine..and in 1 month, i will lose job...HR will prove me illigal.. so he said.. that's way i will not give you visa.
so I was about to cry and went down to get coffe..and thought whaever happen now after 1 month.

There was sri-lankan guy who works at office and came down to ask me what happend. I thought, seeing girl alone, helpless..may be he is trying to get something or wht..I was stupid...he was like god, come to help me. He told me dont affraid, I have wife and childern..this french person was giving you hard time.. I will get your visa on time. Come on Monday,and your visa will be there.
whatever happend with me after landing.. I did not believe.. he told me, call this number its my home and my wife will talk to you if you need any help.
My mind was still negative that I don't know why he is asking me to call in weekend. etc..
I did not wanted to trust anyone in country being alone and helpless..

oh ya.. I had biggest lawyer in canada who have done my immigration from usa. he ran away.. and told me you landed with passport that is mistake.. i said.. immigration officer have given me..wht I did wrong.. and he said.. I can't help you now at all. you will never get visa. .. he is no1. lawyer right now in toronto.

Then, later I went on Monday, without any letter immigration clerk did not letting me in.. I standed there, and that person was passing by with some other work at counter, he let me in from security. And with surprise, that french officer came and given me immigration... I ask that officer..wht happen to printer thing.. he said.. welcome to quebec.. thts all.and went away. This south indian guy was simling..at me.. and that's all.. I never know his name..he just simile and told me u happy..?

I was all surprise..!! still today, if you believe in god .. u don't know in what form they help you.

Then, all was very smoth. I went to airport...and security let me go in with number provided my officer. she have stamped all papers, then at my job all ok.
One of the long weekend, i came to toronto to apply for SN. I was just affraid to do anything over there.. again some french stuff..comes in.

Then, I called my lawyer..that I got it. he just told me you are lucky.

I never forget my vice president and that person who works at immigration office.
Later on also, my vice president helped me a lot.. in lay off, i was not in. she let me settled.. she is italian lady and lots of family value.

she just asked me one question.. why r u coming from california. from h1 to montreal.. when it was 1$ to 1.50 and economy was bomming.. I said, i come for my family.. my brother is youger than me..and in US i can't sponser him ..bcoz by the time i will get my greencard he will be 18 year old.. so i came here to sponser my family..and it touched her...she have helped me ..in all bad time.

Even my friends, relative ..r not time much helpful..and UNKNOWN ppl..help like god.

Life surprise. !

Ya, but bottom.. I did all this before 8 years.. i am not following all immigration stuff right now. so do your reasearch and then land.

Land in toronto and then go to montreal.

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