180 days limit of applying pr card is expired what to do?

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 01-11-08 09:46:17

Hello to all,
we landed up in canada in Oct 2007.we stayed there for 10 days .during this time we applied for SIN and PR card.
we got our sin card within 1 month posted to our friends address.
But did not get any info regarding PR card for next 6 months.
so we approached to customer care people,they advised us to send our photos again.
so we send the photos by courier.
but after sending the photos we recd a letter from pr card office that they dont accept the photos via this medium. we need to go there in person.But now my question is they stated a limit of 180 days in that letter. now that limit has crossed up.so what to do now?

can't we apply for pr card now?
or do we need to apply for pr card again.

as we are planning to go in jan,09

please tell us the process .what to do next in this case if pr card apply limit is expired.

thanks in advance.

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You apply to the Canadian High Commission, where ever you are and request them to provide you with a TRAVEL DOCUMENT to get back into Canada. Please provide them with an approximate date of travel so that you can reach BEFORE the expiry of that permit.

Here is the section:

Application: IMM5529

Canadian $50.00 Each.

Find a location nearest to you that services your Travel Document

Good Luck.


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Thanks for the reply

I already have got the application form for travel doc. In that they are asking for some humanitarian and compassionate reasons to stay outside canada.
What type of reasons we can give in this case.

One more question is 180 days limit expiry will create any problem if we apply for the pr card again.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 03-11-08 14:53:29

You have been away a little over two years and you might have a reason why you did not stay here or had to go away from Canada. You may also have other reasons to get back in now.

PART II : items 15, 16 and 17 could be one of the reason, that will account and also provide them the times that you spent outside of the country.(Canada)

Under # 18 they are providing you with an example, such as a child that might have been born a Canadian etc., But you may be giving them enough reasons in Item #14. If there are other reasons, such as education, providing sufficient notice to the previous employer for termination, or might have contractual obligations, closing down of the residence in a particular location or the actual thing that you want to tell them about, should suffice. There are no humanitarian grounds that I know of, in your case, unless you did have one to tell them.

Also you have the next three years to comply with the mandatory requirements of the 730 days to renew the PR Card. All you do is tell them that you were expecting to get the PR cards and could not stay here long enough for such and such reason in the COLUMN # 18.

Please tell them that you needed time to sever the relations where you were and want to resume where you left off and need a Travel document to get in and also obtain the PR Card.

Good Luck.


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