Sai Baba Temple in Miss / Bramp

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-08-09 10:14:11

Hi ,

I had un intentionally posted in one of my posts yday about Sai Baba Temple visit . Have received a few PM s regarding it .

To share it with those CDs who are not aware there is a small Sai Baba temple in Mississauga and Brampton peripehery ( Dixie and Midway Blvd ) which is good and people visit with a lot of dedication ...

Those who are interested can find more on the website sainathmandir dot org .... or the link and the address is 1365 Mid-way Blvd., Unit 23 Mississauga.


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I have seen a number of related post on CD about asking details for a specific mandir.

Since religious beliefs vary from individual to individual - especially for Hindus, I am not criticising any of the CDs, but I always wonder what is the difference if a person goes to a Shiv temple or Krishna temple or a Laxmi temple?

Since I am not a religious person, it wouldn't matter to me which temple I go to. I can as well fold my hands and recite a "shlok" in a church. And I always have a problem when somebody asks me about worshiping cows and Hanuman and Ganesha (Thanks Apu!!:( ). I cannot go into a detailed explanation about intricacies of Hinduism.

I still think at least in Canada, temple serves as point of social interaction. A void that is filled partially when a person leaves the social network in India. But beyond that, does it really matter, which idol is in the Mandir??

Mods, if you think this message is inappropriate, please delete/lock it. This discussion may extend beyond the realm of this board, but I just felt like expressing my views.

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The point is you have an affection towards a particular God and hence it is out of desire that you would want to visit a temple in which that God is revered. I can always sit in front of a tree, car, or in a church and pray to my God, but wouldn't I feel closer to God if I went to a temple where I would find his/her idol?

Why do we need idols? .. for the very same reason.

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Well something unique about Sai Baba which drew me was that he was revered by people from both religions Hindus and Muslims equally . He stayed in a Masjid himself and preached equality ..... Other then Sai Baba's there are no idols here .... as I said maybe thats what makes the temple unque .


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-08-09 17:42:00

Thanks for posting this info about the mandir. Living in west end this is a wonderful surprise
Jai Sai Ram.

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