AP CM missing for past 12 hours

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Originally posted by goldeneye

YSR as Dr. Reddy was known is such a mass leader that " More than 60 people across Andhra Pradesh have been reported to have died of shock or committed suicide after the death of chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy, prompting his MP son YS Jaganmohan Reddy to appeal to his late father’s admirers to be patient and brave. "

"Mass hysteria, uncontrollable crowds, lakhs of weeping mourners, reports of “spontaneous suicides” and a high-stakes political drama marked the funeral of former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy on Friday."

remarkable for a man who is not from a film background & have a personal charishma that too in a party like congress where high command is everything

may his soul rest in peace

Well. This shows the unity of the Dravidian states. Even TN has declared a holiday. This is also a political move as many telugu people work in huge numbers as PR's of tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
This also shows to prove that we are fun loving / partying people. When I worked at Larsen and Toubro in Tamil nadu , I had all public Holidays, 8 days CL, 2 months Sick leave, 15 datys LTC (leave travel concession) per year (in 1997).
Can we expect the same in Canada? Never.

Peace by TK

A well known leader died a tragic death, even the neighbouring states declared holiday to honor him. Many have died in the shock; I still have roots back in Cuddapah and feel the sentiments of people.
TK: What makes you say we are fun loving / partying people? If you can't and don't want to sympatize this tragic incident, then just the f... up. Do you think this is something you need to compare your holiday benefits with Canada? First get a job to talk about holidays. Stop your toxic negative garbage once and for all.

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