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Hi newbieca,

The reason for lack of replies could be that not many CD's are involved in doing overseas business or outsourcing.

The best and most reliable source of information is an accountant who will answer all your tax queries.

good luck,


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Hi newbieca

Dont worry about Taxes... there is so many accounting firm outhere. go get help from them.

U r lucky enough to hv opportunity to start your business without putting lot of efforts. - not many ppl get this opportunity.... ( most of us think of starting business but cant because of start-up cost, so dont worry take this opportunity... just contact few good accountant and u will be set.

ONE MORE IMP THINK : You need a Lawyer, who will prepare a BUSINESS agreement. - when its comes to money its always be safe to be clear on paper.

Good luck

'Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail.' (Param Vir Chakra awardee Lt. Manoj Pandey)

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Thanks Blue_Peafowl and Seenappa for your reply..

My main query were about tax and how to contact the companies to get the projects ?
And i ll also be hiring lawyer to set up my bussiness agreement...
One of the query wil be solved by the accountant whom i ll approach soon...

wat about the other one...

any inputs will be appreciated...

Thanks again.

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