Controversial Topic: Minister refuses to light a lamp.

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After the recent arrest of the LeT(South India) chief in Bangladesh and deportation to Karnataka and after the subesequent arrest of Mrs.Madhani for the bombings all over India, here comes one more controversy.

Recently I had visited the Ram Mandir and the pandit there had remarked how Mr.Harper had imbibed the Indian Hindu tradition of tying the thread on his wrist, having tilak put on his forehead and he lighted a lamp for Diwali and participated in the chanting of vedic hymns.

While an Union minister of India who has taken the oath to defend the constitution of India and defend secularism refuses to participate in an Indian tradition. Here we cannot bring in the concept of individual freedom as he has also won his MP seat with hindu votes.

Is Kerala and Tamilnadu in India or Saudi Arabia ?.

Ahmed refuses to light lampDecember 13th, 2009
By Our Correspondent

Dec. 12: Union minister of state for railways and Muslim League leader E. Ahmed refused to light a kuthuvilakku, a traditional Tamil custom for observing auspicious occasions, at a national seminar.

The minister, who flew into the city on Saturday especially to inaugurate the seminar on ‘Status of Infrastructure’, organised by the Indo-Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, caught the other dignitaries offguard when he declined to accept the candle offered to him to light the kuthuvilakku on the podium.

One of the organisers told this newspaper that the minister refused to light the lamp because it is an un-Islamic action.

“The Muslim community does not light lamps. It is against Shariah, the code which governs Islam,” said another. IJCCI president N. Krishnaswami told this reporter not to make an issue of this.

Some time back, Mr P.K. Kunhalikutty, a Muslim League leader who was Kerala’s industries minister, courted controversy when he refused to light the lamp while inaugurating a state function at Thiruvananthapuram. :clap: Noted playback singer K.J. Yesudas, :clap: one of the guests, walked out protesting against the minister’s action.

“It is a barbaric action by this minister who is part of the Congress-led coalition in the Centre,” said a prominent TN Congress leader.

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He shouldn't have been invited at the first place if such controversy was expected .

I misread minister for monster before opening the thread :)


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Politics is all they care.. not culture, not religion, not values and on and on..

Originally posted by Fido

He shouldn't have been invited at the first place if such controversy was expected .

I misread minister for monster before opening the thread :)

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I misread minister for monster before opening the thread :) cracked me up there!!!


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The only way to counter this is by using the very same Sharia to nail these turncoats.
I am sure there are many other requirements of Sharia other than just not lighting a lamp, not wearing a Thilak, need to wear beard for a Muslim man or viel for a Muslim woman.
These requirements should be heighlighted by the Muslim Majority (which we would all like to beleive dont identify themselves with leaders like Muslim League leader E. Ahmed) and expose the hipocricity to the world. It should be done on a same war footing basis as the Hindus did to the barking dog BJP and the RSS. And this should be done by the Muslims because if the Hindu's do it, the extremists among Muslims will find more reasons for Jihad. So ultimately for the good and progress of Muslims, it is the majority of the moderate Muslims that need to speak up. This will atleast blur out the so called false Islam being nurtured and propogated by the Mullas and Jihaadists and the likes of Muslim League leader E. Ahmed.

I really wish the Sharia had just one clause, atleast in fine print saying

"Its un-islamic to live and give birth in a land that is not an Islamic country. And all Muslims who feel they are being persecuted should go to Saudi and build a wall 3000' high and 300' thick around the country so there is no Un-Islamic influence on them"

This would have been the weapon against all the E Ahmeds in India and the world. But I guess that would be too ideal a weapon.

Again I would like to say (so I dont stir-up the extremists looking for reason to steer this conversation in another way) that I am not trying to bracket all the Muslims into E. Ahmed's camp. I have lived and worked with a lot of Muslims in India and even now in Canada. They are a great people, but through a frank conversation one would realise there's an element of complaint about the way they are treated around the world which one would not miss amongst some of them (not all) and it is unmistakable. Some of them are from different parts of Muslim world. To that my response is it is not just the Muslims that are suffering, it is the same story with most of the people in the world. Its just that the most of the world does not think they are persecuted regiously.
Recently I shared this article with one of them and to my relief he agreed that things need to change among the moderate Muslims or they are doomed.


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So what, if he did not light a lamp. He was just utilizing his guys just make much fuss about nothing...

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