Dual Citizenship for Indian Professionals

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Dual Citizenship for Indian Professionals

Recently (May be Nov 2009) PM Man Mohan Singh made an announcements to this effect “Dual Citizenship for Professionals” anybody knows about this?

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Originally posted by Kanya

Dual Citizenship for Indian Professionals

Recently (May be Nov 2009) PM Man Mohan Singh made an announcements to this effect “Dual Citizenship for Professionals” anybody knows about this?

are you referring to OCI?


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No I am not refering to OCI

This announcement was made by PM may be before or during PM's visit to US in Nov 09

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I have not heard anything like that even in the Indian media. If its an announcement, then its a very long way to go.


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This is what you are looking for : http://www.ivarta.com/columns/OL_050130.htm

Other items of importance: http://www.newkerala.com/news/fullnews-15645.html
Indian skilled migrants in the UK demand dual citizenship

Kathmandu, Dec 21 : A few days after writing a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh demanding dual citizenship, Indian-skilled migrants living in the UK have launched campaigns for 'dual citizenship' in India.

Highly Skilled Migrants (HSMP) Forum and Association of Immigrants
representing a large number of Indian immigrants having permanent residency and British citizenship said in a statement that Indian immigrants in the UK believe "it is unfair on the Indian government's part to deprive them of dual citizenship." In a letter sent to Dr Singh, last week, the Indians had said, ''We cherished our Indian identity and wanted to retain it." A large number of Indian migrants, including finance professionals, doctors, scientists, engineers and others settled in the UK, have lashed out against the government's irrational policy of single citizenship.

A press release issued by the Association quoted a number of professionals demanding the "dual citizenship" and criticised the Indian government's policy of denying such rights.

Dr Amaresh Swaro, a UK General Physician from Orissa who has successfully obtained foreign citizenship, is quoted as saying that he wishes "to retain his pride as an Indian citizen." He said dual nationality gives them a sense of belonging to their home country as well as their adopted country. Taking away their Indian citizenship just because his family and he have chosen another country to live in can have serious psychological impact.

This also deters non-resident Indians from making investments which is crucial since NRIs bring billions of foreign currency into India.

Dr Subbulakshmi Natarajan who is from Chennai and an Education Consultant settled in London said, ''I attained my doctorate degree in English from a renowned Indian university and worked in a reputed university as the Head of Department in India. By denying us dual nationality, aren't we deprived of the chance to serve our own country of birth? Are we refused our right just because we are recognised in a foreign country? Doesn't it sound like asking a woman to forget her parents, for her in-laws, where she treats them both with equal reverence?'' The statement said, ''The Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) card has been dismissed as a poor substitute by Indian Immigrants since it cannot replace the comfort and belonging of an Indian passport and takes away basic voting rights, something which even UK electoral laws allow Indian immigrants as Commonwealth citizens." Amol Karnik, a Credit Manager in the UK and originally a finance professional from Mumbai said it was very disappointing that whilst India is making tremendous economic progress, it still follows archaic laws regarding immigration policies.

Some people might think dual citizenship is dangerous because it could lead to conflicting loyalties. But this is an overblown fear.

He said, ''I would like to compare it to one's loyalty to a parent and spouse: an individual is bound to one by nature, and to the other by choice. One can love both equally strongly, but in different ways.'' Mr Karnik further said, ''Political loyalty is quite different from nostalgia or the desire to work towards the land of one's birth and the Indian government should not discourage this. Is it wrong for every Non-Resident Indian to wish to create a better future for those still in their homeland?'' Baskaran Kumarasamy, Executive Committee member of the HSMP Forum, said many Indian Immigrants in the UK are disheartened regarding the dual citizenship issue. Unfortunately, the Indian Government has not done anything to address it. ''We are in the process of taking further action and are planning to organise a protest outside the Indian High Commission.'' Executive Director of the HSMP Forum and Association of Immigrants Amit Kapadia, who succesfully led the highly skilled migrants of the UK after the government imposed HSMP rules retrospectively in 2006, said, it is not only the Indian citizens who work and settle abroad but also their families, relatives and friends in India who would also want them to retain their Indian citizenship alongside their foreign documents." Mr Kapadia, who is also campaigning for the rights of the skilled migrants of the UK from more than 100 countries around the globe, said, "Denying dual citizenship is not only unfair but a clear disregard for India's proudly held democratic ideals.

Majority of the democratic countries offer dual citizenship or allow their citizens to apply for foreign citizenship without making them give up basic rights in their home country."



Here is a portal with all of the links to the questions that you were afraid to ask. Now you can explore it to the fullest. : http://www.ivarta.com/IC_NRI.htm


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